You Won’t Believe Your Eyes: Bollywood Celebs' Doppelgangers Who Look Surprisingly Like Real Stars

Kimmy Karima |Oct 11, 2019

They say no two persons are alike. Personality-wise, maybe it’s true. But appearance-wise, there are some people out there who are indeed Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers.

Even stuntmen, who are cast to perform dangerous actions for celebs, may resemble real stars just a bit. But sometimes we see some people, who look so much like the stars we know, that we wonder if they have some family links, or if they’re siblings from their previous lives.

Now let’s take a look at some Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers below and you’ll know what we mean!

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

SRK is one of the most loved celebs in Bollywood, and he’s one of the best looking men too. No doubt why he has so many fans, and why a lot of people would love to look like him.

Among those supporters of SRK, there’s one young guy named Haider Maqbool who really possesses a similar look. With his manly mane and his neatly trimmed beard, Haider is really the younger version of King Khan. A 22-year-old version, to be precise.

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

Besides Haider, there’s also a man selling samosa whose facial features are like SRK’s. Though that seller’s definitely in lack of the firm look, which we always see in King Khan’s eyes, we surely would like to meet him once. To taste his samosa, at least.

Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

Our Priyanka is beautiful, absolutely. But isn’t she unique? While we believe that not many have those big charming eyes, those sexy lips and that harmonious face like Priyanka’s, there’s still someone who looks quite like her.

That’s Zhalay Sarhadi, a Pakistani television actress and model. Though Zhalay’s face is not as full as Priyanka’s, her facial features do remind us of our Bollywood star.

Therefore she was once approached to be Priyanka’s double, and Zhalay proudly recalled: “…I remember, I was hosting a show back then and everyone thought it was Priyanka and not me… I bet even Priyanka knows about me by now…”.

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

We’re not sure if Priyanka knows about Zhalay, but a lot of Priyanka’s fans know about Navpreet Banga, a fashion-savvy influencer in Vancouver. She doesn’t only look like Priyanka, but she has a similar make-up style too. Anyway, our Priyanka is still unique with her indescribably marvellous beauty. She’s Miss World after all!

Katrina Kaif

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

TikTok star Alina Rai has become much more popular after netizens discovered that she was Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif’s doppelganger. Alina resembles Katrina so much, that her Instagram photos make fans of both gasps.

If they walked on the street together, people would certainly think they were twins. Someone even asked Alina if she had plastic surgery to look like Katrina. Indeed, when you look at some photos, you won’t even know if it’s Katrina or Alina.

Deepika Padukone

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

We must admit that Deepika Padukone shines like no others. She has that light around her that no one can compete. That may come from her distinct beauty, or her captivating eyes, or her striking smile. Or everything. All in all, Deepika looks pretty and classy, confident and smart.

Though not as impressive as Deepika, actress Amla Paul, who works in the South Indian Film Industry, does bear some resemblance. Amla’s bright eyes and smile maybe what remind us the most of Deepika and they surely can play sibling roles convincingly.

Salman Khan

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

Netizens were surprised when watching a video of someone in Karachi, Pakistan, who looked just like our well-known Salman Khan. Though the images in that video were not perfectly clear, everyone admitted that the man was Salman Khan’s doppelganger. Their face shapes, their hairstyles, and even their body shapes are similar to each other!

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

We also have another double of Salman Khan. 22-year-old actor Najeem Khan, who is a fan of the bigger Salman, is so similar to his idol, that he was cast to play the superstar’s younger version once. Of course, Najeem was so happy and proud of that.

Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood celebs' doppelgangers

There’s something called unexpected fame. That’s the case of Junaid Shah from Kashmir. Junaid’s friends were those who found out his resemblance to Bollywood’s big celeb Ranbir Kapoor, so they posted Junaid’s photos online.

No, Junaid didn’t try to style himself so he looked similar to Ranbir. And no, Junaid didn’t have plastic surgery. His look is completely natural, and he’s clearly Ranbir’s duplicate. So much that some people may ask for Junaid’s autograph if they see him on the street because they would mistake him for our Bollywood heartthrob.


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