"You Cannot Chant Jai Shri Ram And Commit Crimes", Says Anurag Kashyap

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 26, 2019

The actor also revealed that his family is a staunch supporter of the saffron party but his views has changed for the ruling government.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has been in the limelight for a quite long time, he takes potshots on the ruling government over the inhuman lynching incidents taking place in the country allegedly due to religious divide.


The actor after signing the letter written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that the atmosphere in the country is changing due to the religious connotations given to every violent incident. Mani Ratnam and Shyam Benegal too raised their voice against the government.

Anurag Kashyap during an interview to a news portal said, “People have written letters to Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher and they have received responses. If writing a letter to the Prime Minister or expressing our opinions are branded as signs of treachery, then I have nothing to say. Jai Shri Ram was first used in Ramayana, and it does not have a religious connotation”, the filmmaker said.

Anurag added that people who don’t have jobs vent out their frustration by slaughtering Muslims and Dalits. “In the past four years, Jharkhand saw 18 lynching cases, 11 of whom were Muslims. When I speak about lynchings, people ask me why I am quiet about the death of Ankit in Delhi. However, that was a murder. The guy loved a Muslim girl and the latter’s parents decided to kill him. There is a difference between lynching and murder” he says.

“The lynching that happens in the name of religion and cows, no one is punished for that. You cannot chant Jai Shri Ram and go on committing crimes. It has to stop”, Anurag Kashyap said. The filmmaker said Aparna Sen had drafted the letter and collected data, after that she sent it to everyone to read and sign if they consented with her views. I took five days, read the letter and then signed. He added.

In a recent development, 62 celebrities have written a letter to PM Narendra Modi countering claims of the 49 celebrities. The letter states that these celebs show selective outrage and are against the progressive government.


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