Top 50 Most Desirable Women: No.44 - Phenomenal Neha Sharma Reveals Her Magnificence Insider Facts

Bindhiya Nhi |Jun 07, 2019

Top 50 Most Desirable Women has been revealed and phenomenal Bollywood and Telugu angel Neha Sharma was ranked at No.44.

Fans do not have to wait any longer as the Top 50 Most Desirable Women 2018 has finally been revealed. The list this year also includes stunners who are known for their sex appeal, talent and striking personalities.

Neha Sharma, the Bollywood angel who is phenomenal thanks to her innocent face and sexy body, also made it to the list this year at No.44 on the rank.

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At the age of 32, Neha Sharma is already a phenomenal model and actress. She was as of late presented in the B-town, but she has successfully given several hit movies and found a firm balance in Bollywood for herself.

Besides, Neha is also famous for her works in the Telugu industry, steadily becoming one of the most beautiful and energetic actresses.

Neha Sharma's achievements at such a young age are motivational, and her stunning look is also a real plus point. But what is more to these killer eyes and beauty?

Let's scroll down to find out some of her interesting facts!

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Neha Sharma Has A Renowned Father

Neha Sharma was born on 21st November 1987 in Bhagalpur, Bihar. After graduated from Mount Carmel School Bhagalpur, the actress decided to take a course in fashion design in National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Her father is Ajith Sharma, a renowned political figure in the country. In fact, Neha also took part in the re-election bid of her father, which was definitely a different side of her that we did not know of. However, sometimes the actress got negative comments for doing it just because it was her father.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Neha Sharma And Her Beauty Secrets

With beautiful dark brown eyes, charming lips, and a sexy body figure, Neha Sharma definitely has looks that kill. In one of her interviews, the actress revealed some of her beauty secrets so that any girl could apply to become a dream girl.

For skincare, Neha said that purifying, conditioning and saturating are three essential steps. For the wellness routine, she loves yoga and dancing.

The actress also admitted that she is a major foodie. Apparently, Neha does not follow a strict diet routine as she loves to eat everything.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Neha Sharma Is A Dancing Master

People may think that Neha Sharma is all about acting and modeling, but in fact, she is also a well-trained dancer.

According to the actress, she has mastered six different dance types such as classical, hip hop, jive, salsa, jazz, and Latin dancing. Moreover, her graceful dance moves have also landed her the best roles in her career.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Neha Sharma's Hobbies And Favorite Things

In her leisure time, Neha loves cooking, reading and playing with her dog. When she is not shooting, she will cook for her loved ones, and her best dish is carrot cake with cream cheddar.

As an actress, she also spends time watching movies and some of her favorite ones are Pursuit of Happiness and Million Dollar Baby.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Neha Sharma Is Still A Single Lady


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