Sexy Indian Beauties Rush To The Gym Post New Year Celebrations

Leela Adwani |Jan 05, 2021

Here are some pictures of our celebrities rushing to the gym to bring their fit body back after a long holiday.

New Year is the most perfect time of the year to set new resolutions, new goals, new targets for a new promising year ahead. Along with wealth, work, and health, weight loss, or having a fit body turns out to be one of the most common wishes.

Celebs Rush To Gym
New year resolutions of Indian stars

Folks usually say that the gym center owners are the richest men in the world when the new year's holiday ends. After a worry-free festival season with a lot of big fat events packed with food, wine, many people seem to gain weight.

Here are some pictures of how our celebrities rush to the gym to bring their fit body back after a long holiday.

Avneet Kaur

The 19-year-old actress Avneet took to her Instagram handle to share a four-photo post showing her wearing gym outfits. The millennial star opted for a white top and printed pants showing her toned midriff.

Avneet Kaur's gym look
Avneet Kaur is currently one of the youngest actresses in the film industry

Letting her curly blonde hair fall loose, she can be seen putting on an on-point makeup layer with flawless skin, ocean eyes shadow, and nude-toned lipstick.

Avneet Kaur's gym look 2
Wearing a gym outfit, Avneet Kaur can flaunt her toned abs.

Sharing a set of photos, she captioned,

“soft hearted & strong minded. #blue.”

Avneet Kaur's gym look 3
Can't get enough of this look from former TikTok sensation Avneet Kaur

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Neha Sharma

Back home from her swanky vacation in Florida, Neha is another star sharing her workout photo after a long holiday in a foreign country.

Using hashtags stay healthy, stay fit, it seems like keeping her body in shape is her ultimate goal this year.

Neha Sharma takes a selfie
Neha Sharma is back with a workout routine after a long holiday.

Wearing an all-black ensemble with top and legging, Neha shared a selfie picture of herself on Instagram. Donning running shoes, the actress seemed to be ready for a workout section.

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Hina Khan

Unlike the above-mentioned stars, Hina shared pictures from her gym room after hard-working practicing hours. Like Neha, the television superstar also donned a black top and matching pants. However, her gym look becomes way cooler with a turban on her head.

Hina Khan at gym center
Hina Khan hits the gym right after the holiday ends.

Putting on no makeup, Hina seems to be extremely serious with her exercise regime. Using hashtag fit girls are the best girls, our TV diva gives us a lot of motivation to hit the gym immediately.

Hina Khan at gym center 2
Comments flooded on her Instagram handle praising Hina Khan's body.

The comment section is now being flooded with praises for her body and abs.

Hina Khan at gym center 3
Stay fit is her goal every day, every year.

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Shraddha Das

South Indian actress Shraddha Das is another actress who rushes to the gym after the holiday. Sharing a mirror selfie from the fitting room, the star wears a white top along with grey pants. This outfit helps her show her zero-fat belly.

Shraddha Das mirror selfie
Shraddha Das takes a mirror selfie after her workout section

Also letting her hair down, the actress looks nothing less than stylish with this gym ensemble.

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