Neha Sharma And Shaylee Krishen Are The Hottest Faces On Instagram Today

Leela Adwani |Dec 30, 2020

Touted as a breath of fresh air in the entertainment world, this brand-new face's beauty is compared to an angel.

Another day, another beautiful face. It goes without saying besides dramas, scandals, controversies, glamor is an indispensable part of showbiz. In our celebrity Instagram update section today, we introduce you to one brand new and one familiar face. Let’s see who they are.

Shaylee Krishen

Touted as a breath of fresh air in the entertainment world, the brand-new face whose beauty is compared to an angel, Shaylee Krishen is bound to lighten up the last days of your tough 2020.

Shaylee Krishen
Shaylee Krishen is a new face in the entertainment industry.

Spotted by cinematographer Ravi Varman by chance, Krishen is predicted to be the next big thing in Bollywood. The pictures were shot randomly from a refugee camp in Kashmir. Varman later showed the pictures to well-known film director Santosh Sivan who works mainly in the Malayalam cinema.

Shaylee Krishen 2
The pure beauty of Shaylee Krishen is compared to an angel.

Now, the refugee girl is all set to make her acting debut in the film Moha of the nationally acclaimed director Sivan. Not just this the film will be available in English as it’s set to release globally also.

Shaylee Krishen 3
Shaylee Krishenwas discovered by a cinematographer in a refugee camp.

Her Instagram account now has 45.2k followers and this number will surely skyrocket after her first-hand film releases.

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Shaylee Krishen 4
With her remarkable appearance, Shaylee Krishen is all set to make her acting debut soon.

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma who recently made it big in our most desirable woman in India 2020 list is another face in our celebrity Instagram update section today. Unlike the newbie Shaylee Krishen, every picture in Neha’s Instagram grid gives off a confident vibe. We can see an image of a successful, sexy, and energetic woman.

This time around is no exception, the gorgeous diva took to her Instagram to share a short video from her beach vacation in Florida. She seemed to have a whale of a time.

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma gives us tons of major travel goals

Blue sky, white sand, crystal clear water, it’s all that we need for a winter escape.

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