Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.36 - 10 Interesting Facts About Professional Boxer Vijender Singh

Priyansh Ha |Jun 06, 2019

Apart from being the star boxer of India, Vijender Singh is also one of Top 50 Most Desirable Man who can steal any girl's hearts with his rustic charm.

With many talents and an attractive appearance, it’s effortless for the 34-year-old boxer Vijender Singh to make his way into the Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018. After winning the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the boxer from Haryana has risen to fame and quickly become a golden star of the Indian boxing. There have never been any boxers in the part which gained such overwhelming public attention as he did.

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Here are the ten interesting facts about the desirable man Vijender Singh that you probably don't know.

His Father Is The One Who Nurtures His Dream

No matter what kind of talent an individual has, money is always an important factor for him to shoot for the stars. That’s why Mahipal Singh worked hard to earn money and afforded his son the best training. It was his extra hours of working in the Haryana State Transport which makes Vijender become who he is today.

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Having Passion For Continental Food

Being a boxer who has to stick to a strict diet doesn’t mean that Vijender Singh cannot have passion for foods. He is a huge fan of continental food, mainly Spanish and Italian food. Thanks to his professional boxing career, Vijender have chances to explore the global cuisines and nurture his guilty pleasure.  

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Going On A Diet Before Every Tournament

As boxing’s categories are decided based on boxers’ weight, it’s vital for Vijender Singh, No.36 of Top 50 Most Desirable Men, to maintain his weight and be qualified for the 75 kg category. The star boxer sticks to a high-protein diet which mostly includes milk, eggs, banana, and chicken.

A Friend Of Akshay Kumar

The star boxer of India turns out to be a huge fan of Akshay Kumar. Indeed, he watched most of Akshay’s film when he was a child, and it was incredible for him to be a friend of the actor. By having a role in Fugly in 2014, Vijender Singh had a sweet chance to start the friendship with his childhood idol.

His Heart Belongs To Delhi

Have been visited most of the biggest cities in the world, Vijender Singh’s favorite city, however, is none other than Delhi. Apart from being the political capital of the country, Delhi is also his wife’s home, which makes the boxer fall in love with the city. Although he bought a flat in Mumbai, this is the only place where his heart belongs.

Sticking To A Harley-Davidson Instead Of Fancy Cars

As one of the most successful boxers of the country, Top 50 Most Desirable Men Vijender Singh can have any expensive cars he wants. Of course, he did. However, apart from a collection of luxury sports cars, he decided to stick to a Harley-Davidson instead as the line has been his favorite one since teenage time. The young boxer is frequently spotted riding his top bike on the street.

His Marriage Left Girls With Brokenhearts

Right from the first time making his appearance on the media, Vijender Singh has become viral for his charm and perfect figure which also makes his entrance into Top 50 Most Desirable Men. The national heartthrob, nonetheless, had broken the hearts of thousands of girls when he announced his marriage with his lifelong friend Archana Singh. As expected, the internet went crazy for this news that Vijender had to ask for his privacy to get respect on this special day.

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A Dream Endorsement Deal That A Non-Cricketer Can Ever Have

The achievement in the 2018 Beijing Olympics has brought Vijender Singh all the luck in life, including several brand endorsement deals. The young boxer quickly signed the Rs. 3 crores endorsement agreement with Percept, which is one of the highest endorsement deals that a non-cricketers can have.

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Once Dreaming To Get A Job In The Army

Apart from his passion for boxing, Vijender had another motivation to try his best in the career. It was about reaching the quota to get a job in the Indian Army as it might give his family a better life. However, the boxer decided not to restrict his talents in a few Army bouts but some of the biggest boxing competitions on the planet.

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The "Indian David Beckham"

There is no doubt that we’re talking about one of the Top 50 Most Desirable Men who is devastatingly handsome and talented at boxing at the same time. That’s why he got his nickname ‘Indian David Beckham’ by foreign media including the Daily Telegraph.

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