Take A Look At The Pictures Of Maharashtra's Most Desirable Men On TV Yashoman Apte

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Aug 12, 2019

He revealed in the interview that, "I can play musical instruments. I love beatboxing too, and often perform on the sets". 

Yashoman Apte has won the hearts of the native Marathi audience with his performance in Phulpakhru and now, as he has bagged the title of"Maharashtra's Most Desirable Man" he surely has become the blue-eyed man of the Marathi land.

The actor reveals that he wasn't expecting to be presented with a title as coveted as "Maharashtra's Most Desirable Man". Last year, the actor was in 5th position and it is quite astonishing that in a year he managed to bag it.

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In an interview, Yashoman said, "This has come as a pleasant surprise. I’m falling short of words to express my happiness. From being on the fifth position last year to bag the title this time, it’s a big achievement for me. I would like to thank all my fans and urge them to keep supporting me."

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There has been a steady increase in the actor's fan base and he reveals that most people love his eyes and maybe that is the reason why he garnered so much popularity amongst the Marathi audience. Yashoman is not only physically appealing but he is also mentally sound.

His awareness regarding the events happening in an around the state is on the spot. This also has been one of the reasons why he has been selected for the title.

Yashoman Apte

Yashoman Apte who proved with his acting skills is also known for his beatboxing skills. Yashoman Apte revealed in the interview that, "I can play musical instruments. I love beatboxing too, and often perform on the sets".

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On asking whom his choices would be for a desirable man and desirable woman, the actor replied "I find Alia Bhatt to be an extremely desirable woman. She is versatile and a powerhouse performer. Among men, it has to be Vicky Kaushal. He is not just my favorite, but many of my friends are going gaga over him these days."

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Phulpakhru is one of the most successful TV shows that have been running since its installation. Fans are going crazy witnessing the love story between the characters Vaidehi and Manas.

Interestingly in this modern world when the Television views are declining each passing hour, Phulpakhru has garnered a lot of attention from the youth and is a constant contestant for the top position in the volatile TRP market.


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