Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.30 - Hardik Pandya, An All-round Cricketer To Encapsulate The Reputation And Swagger

Nalini Suri |May 25, 2019

Even when Hardik Pandya is not on the top-list of Top 50 Most Desirable Men, he still engrosses lots of followers due to his swagger and charisma.

Ascending from rank 41st to 30th in the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Men proves Hardik Pandya’s relish. Different from other artists, Hardik Pandya is an Indian domestic and international cricketer but let’s see the huge amount of followers on his Instagram of over 6 million people, which made his ranking changed considerably.

hardik pandya

A cricketer with immense self-belief

Hardik Pandya is known as a flamboyant cricketer, which differs him from the others. He always puts his charming attraction instead of pressure on his game. It is no wonder that people call him as an all-rounder who bowls fast-medium right-arm and bats with the right hand.

He once shared:


An eventful journey to his first World Cup

Pursuing the dream of becoming a cricketer, Hardik Pandya gave up his studies after he failed in the 9th standard and just focused on how to become a great cricketer. And, he did it seriously, like what he said:


After Kapil Dev’s retirement, India has witnessed a combination between ball striking and arm rolling over decently from Hardik Pandya.

hardik pandya

His life was turned around since January 2016 when he finished 377 runs in 10 innings in an Indian T20 tournament. His efficient all-around show attracted Mumbai and marked him in the 2015 edition of the Mumbai Indian T20 League. In the first season, he hit against Kolkata by a 31-ball 61 and catch an impression of everybody, which was merited Ricky Ponting’s words of appreciation.

After a year of illustriousness and affliction, Pandya participated in Asian Cup 2018 but was hampered when he got a serious back injury then ruled out of Australia tour. Much-needed come back in India’s 2019 World Cup, Hardik Pandya remains a necessary balance to hit a strike as at last, Indians decide to raise their hands on their desirable all-rounder.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men: Hardik Pandya - Scandalous life behind

Fame comes alongside scandals, and it is not except for Hardik Pandya. Especially, a racist comment directed to the cricketer after the picture of him and actress Krystle D’Souza appeared on Instagram.

The negativity came from Hardik Pandya’s scandalous comments which raised his fans’ anger. Since Pandya’s appearance in an episode of Koffee With Karan, it came to suspend over the controversy around what he said. After that, he made a sincere apology to everybody who may concern to be hurt because of his comments.

Regardless of all criticism, Hardik Pandya has continued to shine his on-field performance for Indians in IPL 2019. Subsequently, the Indian all-rounder seems to win himself back several fans while some others keep berating him.

hardik pandya
 Hardik Pandya in IPL

As much as what Hardik Pandya received throughout the time, one unchangeable thing is that he won many people’s hearts and listed himself in Top 50 Most Desirable Men. Far from all the past, hopefully, he will achieve more and more and make a strike both in cricket and fan’s soul.


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