Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.5 - Virat Kohli, The Legend In The Making And His World Record

Mina Muzumdar |May 27, 2019

In the fifth position of Top 50 Most Desirable Men is Virat Kohli, the greatest batsmen of his generation. And here are all the world records held by him.

Starting from a humble background, Virat Kohli, the number five in Top Most 50 Desirable Men is now the world number one batsman at the current. His incredible journey to bring glory for Indian cricket team has become a true inspiration for all generation.

Virat Kohli
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In the making of a legend, he just keeps his head down while winning serial win for India. That's the reason million heart love him. Off the field, he is a stylish star, but whenever he enters the playground, he is all set to devour his oppositions and break all world records. To have a closer look at this incredible man, let's have a look at all of his greatest records.

"Self-belied and hard work will always earn you success" Virat Kohli.

Fastest batsman

Taking only 205 innings to reach the landmark, Virat Kohli became the fastest batsman last year in 10000 ODI runs. The former holder of this world record was Sachin Tendulkar with 205 innings to reach the landmark.


Moreover, if Rahul Dravid took 10 years and 317 days to score 10000 ODI runs, Virat Kohli made it within 10 years and 68 days. In term of balls faced, his ability also made him the fastest to score 10000 ODI runs with 10813 balls faced.

The first player to his 100s in three innings in a row

Facing two strong opponents which are Sri Lanka and West Indies, Virat Kohli once again proved his talent. He became the first player to his 100s in three consecutive innings.

Fastest Captain

Wearing the Indian cricket team shirt since 2008, Virat Kohli is the fastest captain to completed 8000 runs international cricket with 137 innings.

In the calendar year scale, the cricket star also beat Hashim Amla to become the fastest to score 1000 ODI runs.

The first captain to score 1000+ Test run

Three years in a row, the Indian cricket captain became the first captain to score 1000+ test. And if Brian Lara took 71 innings, Virat Kohli got 4000 runs with just 65 innings in Tests.

Virat Kohli 2
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According to the Indian captain, to get these extraordinary achievements, Virat Kohli went through the rigors by training and practicing very hard. Despite being breaking down sometimes, Virat Kohli rose again even stronger than the last time he falls.


The visiting batsman with the most centuries in South Africa

Virat Kohli completed the ODI series against South Africa in six matched with 558 runs in 2018. After his winning, he became the visiting batsman with the most centuries who having zero ODI centuries earlier.

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First batsman to score 4 double-centuries in Test

In 4 Test series in a row, Kohli made himself the first batsman to score 4-double-centuries. He surpassed Rahul Dravid and Don Bradman to got the position.

Virat Kohli

Having the most number of centuries while chasing

Sachin went through 232 innings to get 17 centuries while chasing, whereas Virat got 18 within only 102 innings.

The only Test skipper to score threes hundred in the first three innings

Amazingly, the man who stood at the fifth of the Top 50 Most Desirable Men is the only Test skipper in history to score three hundred in the first three innings.


Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Those world records above held by Virat Kohli is just part of his journey to bring victory for India. Besides being a hero in the field, Virat Kohli is also an amazing person with a heart of gold in real life with his kind and generosity toward miserable people. That's why he entered himself in the Top 50 Most Desirable Men in India.


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