Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.39 - Ishan Kishan, All You Need To Know About Indian Cricket's Young Talent

Priyansh Ha |May 31, 2019

Top 50 Most Desirable Men this year sees a new entrant, Ishan Kishan - the future of the India cricket. Here are a few things you should know about him!

Breaking into the Top 50 Most Desirable Men at the 39th place, Ishan Kishan is a young left-handed batsman and wicketkeeper who is said to be the future of the India cricket. After a few unsuccessful tournaments, the 20-year-old cricketer has been back with his Rs 6.4 core contract with Mumbai Indians for  2018 Indian Premier League, showing his consistent performance.

While Dhoni is about to retire after the next World Cup, Ishan Kishan is possibly making it to the national team. Here are ten facts you might you should know about Ishan Kishan.

1. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: He Wasn’t Serious About Cricket

Even when he started to play cricket at a very young age, Ishan didn’t think that he would pursue this sport as a career. Ishan’s elder brother Raj Kishan supported him in developing his talent and to become a professional cricketer.

2. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: Giving Up On School For Cricket

As many other cricketers who could keep his studies and career in the balance, the young player had to make his decision and left school for cricket. 

3. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: He Joined School World Cup At The Age Of 7

Before taking part in the Under-19 World Cup as Indian team’s captain, Ishan Kishan was the captain of his school’s team in the School World Cup in Aligarh. Even when the team had to stop in the super eight stages, it was an exceptional experience for the young cricketer so he can go further in the future.

4. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: From Bihar To Jharkhand

Growing up in Patna, Bihar, Ishan Kishan played for the local team for quite a time before moving to Ranchi (Jharkhand). It was due to the dispute between BCCI and the Bihar Cricket Association which break the affiliation of the team.

5. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: His Idols Are Adam Gilchrist And Dhoni

Just like many other young cricketers these days, Ishan Kishan is a massive fan of the Australian wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist and of course the former India skipper MS Dhoni.

6. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: The Journey To The Final Match Of 2016 Under-19 World Cup

The captain Ishan Kishan partly contributed to the success of the Under-19 Indian team in 2016 World Cup. They beat every single opponent until making it in the final match and lost the cup into the Windies' hands.

Ishan Kishan2
Photo Credit: Justdial.

7. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: Getting Involved In A Car Accident

Only a few weeks before the Under-19 World Cup in Bangladesh, Ishan Kishan was caught getting involved in a car accident in which he drove at high speed and hit an autorickshaw in Patna. The teen boy got himself into trouble as he fought against other people that he was under arrest. However, he soon gets it over and gears up for the prestigious tournament.

8. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: The Whopping Deal With IPL

After taking the whole country by storm with the success of India team in U-19 World Cup, Ishan Kishan was bought by Gujarat Lions for Rs 35 lakhs. However, his stints with the team were quite low-key and didn’t last long. In 2018, the left-hander moved to Mumbai Indians with a critical deal which worths Rs 6.2 crores.

Ishan Kishan4
Photo Credit: Pinterest.

9. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: One Of The Youngest Cricketers Who Hit An IPL Fifty

Despite having a terrible start and inconsistent performance during two seasons of IPL, the 20-year-old left-hander scored a fifty in the final game of the group stages, becoming the third youngest cricketer who hit an IPL fifty.

10. Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Ishan Kishan: He Hit The Highest Score A Jharkhand Player Ever Has In Ranji Trophy

After the underwhelming performance at Under-19 World Cup, Ishan Kishan hit his stride with Ranji season. By scoring 273 in a battle with Delhi, he has become the Jharkhand player who hit the highest score in Ranji Trophy cricket history.


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