Top 5 Examples Prove Salman Khan Is A Doting Family Man

Nagini Shree |Jul 30, 2019

There is one woman who has been the 'constant' in Salman Khan's life. Well, she is none other than his mom, Salma Khan. "She is so lovely and that is not only with us but also our friends, the wives and with whoever there was in my life."

There's no denying that Salman Khan is a doting family man. The actor, who is hardly spotted at Bollywood parties and get-togethers, makes sure to take out time for his family.

There is one woman who has been the 'constant' in his life. Well, she is none other than his mom, Salma Khan. The relationship the two shares is one of the most adorable ones. Be it dancing with his mother or taking her to his sets, Salman Khan is definitely one of the most doting sons!

Salman Khan surprises his mother with gifts

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Salman Khan is known for his big heart. The actor has splurged aplenty on his family and friends in the past. According to reports, Salman Khan has gifted a brand new luxury car to his mother Salma Khan. Because his mother was in need of a car for her daily use and was looking to purchase a simple car, the actor surprised his mother with a luxurious car - a top of the line SUV. Salma was shocked to see a new car parked in her garage.

This isn't the first time Salman has gifted a luxurious car to his loved one. In the past, the actor has gifted an expensive SUV to Katrina Kaif in 2012 on her birthday. Salman also gifted a grand Rolls-Royce Phantom to his sister Arpita as a wedding gift.

Salman Khan enjoys vacations with his mother

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s bonding with his mother Salma Khan is known to all. Salman’s mother earlier accompanied him in Malta during the shooting of Bharat. In spite of being busy filming for the film, the superstar managed to spend quality time with her mother after the shoot. The actor is feeling blessed to be with his mother. He shared a picture with her and wrote, "Bada wala blessing getting to spend time wid ur Maa. #MaltaDiaries #Bharat." In the pic, Salman can be seen in all smiles while posing with his mother.

Salman Khan

"With the love of my life," the actor wrote with a photo featuring both of them twinning in black. He later posted a video where he and his mother Salma are exploring the country together. The actor wrote, "Exploring #malta..."

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Salman Khan takes good care of mother

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Over the years, Salman Khan has emerged as the pillar of strength for his family members and friends. But the actor keeps sharing little moments from his life that cements our belief that he is indeed a great human being. In a recent video, Salman can be seen helping his mom climbing the stars. Don't know about you, but we are sure that Indian moms everywhere would wipe a tear or two upon seeing this video and wish for a son like him. Salman also used a very heartfelt line along with the post.

"Yeh bandhan toh .. pyaar ka bandhan hai" playing on the words of one of the superhit songs from his old classics.

Salman Khan doesn't shy away from expressing love for his mother


When asked about the love of his life, Salman Khan wasted no time saying it is his mother.

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Salman Khan shares a very close bond with his mother. Earlier, the actor posted a video in which he can be seen grooving hand-in-hand to the peppy music. While the actor made some funny dance moves, Salma was seen enjoying the moment peacefully as her son took the lead and she took cues from him. Salman shared the video with a caption that read, 

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Salman Khan is an obedient son

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Talking about his mother's wish on his birthday, Salman Khan said his mother wanted him to achieve a six-pack body. The actor kept his promise and recently showed off his chiseled body while exercising in the gym. And he is also going to gift his six-pack body for his mom on the new year.


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