Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars: Hot Young Influencers To Start Following Now

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 16, 2019

They are young influencers who have built small media empires for themselves and made it to Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars.

With 524M registed users, Tik Tok is placed as the fourth most popular social media platform beyond other better-known networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. In India, the China-based platform has claimed 20M active users which means that the youngsters in our country indeed attracted to this video creating apps.

However, part of its success is attributed to core influencers who contribute to Tik Tok's rapid growth. And here are young influencers who have built small media empires for themselves and made them to Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars with their fun and viral music video.

Mamta Acharya


Mamta Acharya is an 19-year-old TikTok star who found fame by creating short funny Tik Tok's lip-syncing clips, showing off her humorous side. She was born into a Bangladesh family and having her schooling in her hometown.


She enjoys more than 71.2K followers on Instagram as well as 6 millions on Tik Tok.


Apart from being known for her lip-syncing videos combining genuine facial expressions, she is one of the most beautiful Tik Tok influencers with a cute smile and stylish fashion style.

Sagar Goswami


Jharkhand-based Sagar Goswami creating all the buzz on social media with his dubbed Tik Tok clips on Bollywood famous songs. Like most Tik Tok influencers, he have built up a huge Instagram following of 242K million followers and 5.9 millions on Tik Tok currently.

The young star was born on 18 June 2002 in a low-income family. He started his first video on Tik Tok by crafting comedy skits on Bollywood songs. When his video went viral, it gets shared thousands of times. One of his most popular dubbed song is Teri Pyari Pyari Akhiyan. 


Sagar Goswami is currently studying 12th class.


After he gained his mass popular, his Tik Tok account was hacked, but Saga Goswami managed to got it back successfully. Now, he proudly place himself at the 22nd spot on Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars.

Sunny Chopra

Fashion blogger, dancer, Sunny Chopra a crowned muser on tik tok. He has made a strong impression on his attractive appearance as well as Tik Tok videos that filled with entertainment.

He is part of a popular Tik Tok family who achieced the precious badge of Crowned Muser. The young internet sensation has also collaborated with many other artists to create amazing videos.


The Tik Tok star has 5.5 Million follower on the youth-focused social media channels and 682K followers on Instagram.


Sunny Chopra is now pursuing his dreams to become a Bollywood actor and a model.

Amir Arab

Followed by 5.2 million Tik Tok users, Amir Arab earned the 24th position on Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars. He hail from a Muslim family in Maharastra, India.


With an attractive look, a loving smile, the chocolate boy is also popular as the trendsetter for his hair style.


He also got the precious badges for his comedy clips, lip-syncs video on Tik Tok. However, he stands out for his dancing skills that he has been practicing for more than 6 years. On Instagram, the passionate dance has 1.1 million followers.

Ankita Chettri

Ankita Chettri gained recognition after her full entertainment lip-syncs video on Tik Tok. She is also a stylish queen who influenced fans with her fashionable outfits.

The trend-creating girls just turn 20-year-old this year. She is also well-known for her charming smile and her hot personality.

On Instagram, the Internet sensation also has 444K followers.


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