Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars: Who Joined Salman Khan Starter Prem Ratan Dhan Payo?

Rose Advani |Oct 09, 2019

The list of top 25 Indian TikTok stars has been updated with next five stunning TikTok star, from the dancer to the TV show actress.

These days, TikTok has turned out as one of the most popular social media apps, particularly among Generation Z. The musical entertainment app shows the audiences lip-sync, dance, comedy skits, short-form videos, which might go viral.

With more than 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok becomes a hot trend among teenagers. And there is no exception in India, the country of social media fans; TikTok attracts more than 25 million active users.

Some of TikTok users have millions of followers by producing fabulous videos that go viral and grow into Tik Tok stars. Finding out in the list of Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars, these five TikTok stars impress the audience by the vast fans with their viral TikTok videos.

#11. Hasnain Khan - 12.0 Million Followers

top 25 Indian Tik Tok stars
Hasnain Khan is a model, Tik Tok star, and a member of Team 07

Hasnain Khan comes out as an Indian TikTok star and model. He is a member of Team 07 and has lots of collaborated videos with the Instagram influencer Radhika Bangia.

His fans get strong impressions with his par comic timing and lip-syncs. Hasnain posts different types of videos and gets back more than 12 million followers on his TikTok profile. Due to some controversial videos, his profile account has been removed.

The new TikTok account has crossed 206.4K followers.

#12. Sameeksha Sud - 11.7 million followers

Top 25 Indian Tik Tok stars
Sameeksha Sud comes out as an Indian model, TV actress, and Tik Tok star

Sameeksha Sud stands out as an Indian model, TV actress, and TikTok star. She was born on 25 April 1991, in Mumbai, India, best known with her comedy, dancing, and lip-syncs on TikTok with 11.7 million followers.

Also, Sameeksha joined many TV shows with the leading roles, stunning with her acting with TV Serial Baal Veer 2012.

#13. Adnan Shaikh - 10.8 Million Followers

Top 25 Indian Tik Tok stars
Adnan Shaikh is another member of Team 07, a model and Tik Tok star

Adnan Shaikh has a good sense of fashion, a member of Team 07, and a TikTok star with more than 10.08 million followers. His comedy videos grab lots of attention from the audiences that put his name on Top 25 Indian TikTok Stars.

Also, Adnan Shaikh is famous as an Instagram influencer by sharing the best things around fashion tips, men’s wear, and fitness tips.

#14. Nagma Mirajkar - 10.04 Million Followers

Top 25 Indian Tik Tok Stars
Nagma Mirajka - An Indian actress, fashion blogger, YouTuber, and Tik Tok star.

Nagma Mirajkar is an Indian actress, fashion blogger, YouTuber, and TikTok star. Nagma got her fame by posting dance, lip-sync, comedy videos on Tik-Tok and her Instagram. She was born on 24 January 1992 and pursued the Masters of Business administration at a private college.

Recently, she often appears with Awez darbar on each of her videos; there is the rumour that they are in a relationship.

Her TikTok account has reached 10.04 Million Followers, and there is no sign of stopping.

#15. Aashika Bhatia - 10.04 Million Followers

Top 25 Indian Tik Tok stars
Aashika Bhatia is best known as an Indian TV actress and a TikTok star

Aashika Bhatia is better known as an Indian TV actress, played the young Meera in Hindi TV serial Meera. She also appeared in Salman Khan starter Prem Ratan Dhan Payo as the role of his sister Rajkumari Radhika.

Aashika possesses the good acting skills and becomes one of the top-earning TikTok stars. Presently, she attracts more 10, 04 million followers and 204 million hearts.

These five TikTok stars own millions of followers and hearts that contribute them in Top 25 Indian TikTok stars. All fans keen on their awesome videos around comedy parodies, lip-syncs, dancing, fashion, etc. With their viral videos, these stars gave big influence on teenagers or generation Z.

The list is up-to-date soon. Stay tuned!


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