Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram: How Shahid Kapoor Catches A Spell On Us

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 10, 2019

On Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram is Shahid Kapoor who swept us off out fit just with his daily life pictures!

Whether Shahid Kapoor goes shirtless or dresses up, the Bollywood star can catch a spell on both men and women with his charming.

The 38-year-old actor who has completed his 16 years in the film industry after the success of Kabir Singh once again proves his enduring appeal in Bollywood.

Though being a superstar, the Padmaavat actor always stays connected with his fans by keeping interacting with them on social media that make him to Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.

Here are Shahid Kapoor's most-liked Instagram posts over the last few months that created all the buzz on social media.

Shahid Kapoor's dramatic transformation for Kabir Singh

In order to bring the rawest intensity to his role as Kabir Singh, the actor underwent an amazing body transformation from fit to fat. After Kabir Singh hit the cinema and created a frenzy in the box office, Shahid took to his Instagram to share his journey to fit his character in the film. 


 Shahid captioned his post.

Screenshot 156

Along with the post, the actor shares an image in which he was seen losing his 6 pack muscular body.

When Shahid Kapoor shows off his incredible figure

Whenever the actor bares it all in front of the camera, fans will be left gasping for breath with his amazing body. And here is the proof.


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Another post that got a million hearts fell for it is Shahid Kapoor's sun-soaked moment with wife Mira Rajput as they frolicked on the beach. The lovely couple tied the knot on 7 July 2015 has been one of the most enviable couples in the industry. Also, the star often gushes about his significant others on his social media. 


Shahid Kapoor and his real person behind the spotlight

If fans ever wonder about the real Shahid Kapoor behind the limelight, they may just need to get to his Instagram. The actor always makes sure that he serves up enough eye candy on his social media. In a recent post, the actor shared an unforgettable moment with his colleagues on Instagram and it caused such a stir on the Internet.


The love of his life

Behind every successful man is a woman and this goes the same for Shahid Kapoor. Though Mira Rajput is an outsider, she has been a supportive wife of the actor. Besides, it's undeniable that she is a very beautiful woman whose smile can take your breath away.


Young, Wild and Free

If you still doubt about what lies behind the enduring appeal of Shahid Kapoor, take a look at this photo and feel the young, wild soul of the actor.


Shahid Kapoor's childhood pics

"Like father like son," the Kabir Singh actor captioned his post while sharing a resemble to look of him and son Zain Kapoor. It's hard for anyone to handle the cuteness in this pic, isn't it?

The trendsetter

Not only being an undisputed talent in Bollywood, an influencer on social media, but Shahid Kapoor is also one of the most stylish actors in the industry.


Shahid Kapoor and his sweetheart lady

The effortlessly cool man

In every shot, Shahid Kapoor can easily pull off his cool side. It's undeniable that this man shines from the inside out.



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