Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram: No.12 - Kriti Sanon, Stardom From Little Things

Ankita Chetana |Oct 17, 2019

Having not pursued a bouquet of hit movies, Kriti Sanon still garners recognition in Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.

Kriti Sanon is not quite amongst the most sought after actress in Bollywood but she can mark her own statement through the 12th ranking in Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram. Gathering a lot of genius from God, she is really an actress teaming up the talents, characteristics, and beauty.

Kriti Sanon

The number of her followers has been increasing day by day due to her regular updating schedule even when she has no activities in the entertainment industry. So let’s come to reveal how she reaches a highlight in Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.

Kriti Sanon

On September 2nd, Kriti took to her Instagram to share a picture of her beside the statue of God Ganesh on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Her signature smile was all hit to a bright day as she expressed her wish and spread her love to everyone in a casual appearance.

She captured the pic:


Kriti Sanon

In another photo on the same day, she appeared totally different in a photoshoot on a magazine cover. Her favourite outfit of saree by designer Manish Malhotra did capture the eyes when mixing with royal golden pieces of jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, and rings.

The gorgeous actress doesn’t need a mannered background to pose a stylish pic, look at this picture and you will see that she is beautiful at all time. The ancient vintage theme just added the glamour around her and proved that her look is whistling a magical feeling.

Kriti Sanon 25 Million milestone on Instagram
Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram: Kriti Sanon

A big milestone in September the beauty gained was that she drew 25 million followers on Instagram. For a star who doesn’t keep a flow in the acting career, this was a great mark to celebrate. Thus, she shared an adorable black and white pic of her killing look and signed the colourful milestone of ‘25 Million’ to remark it.

She wrote a caption:


Kriti Sanon

On September 17th, the actress took to Instagram to post a nice pic of her with her sister Nupur Sanon, grabbing nearly 1.2 million likes and various comments about the two’s sister zone and their shining beauty.

Kriti penned alongside the pic:


How awesome the pic is!

Kriti Sanon

A week later, filling the gap of her timeline was her fantastic throwback photo when she was in New York, collecting almost 1.3 million likes for the post. In the pic, she donned a red dotted black dress walking towards the aircraft with a bright smile on her face.

She captioned it:


Kriti Sanon in Housefull 4 promotion

Housefull 4 featuring superstar Akshay Kumar would be a promising hit in October and Kriti Sanon also joins the cast of the movie. In the film’s poster, the talented actress looked like Jasmine princess holding a legendary beauty that steals every boy’s hearts.

As a part of the movie’s promotion, she also directed it to Instagram:


The beauty shows all the time as another range of breathtaking photos that she captioned “Feeling blue” came with a tag of almost 1.2 million likes. The hue of blue colour over her pic showered the brightness and purity from her loving pigtail.

Growing as a talented and beautiful actress, Kriti Sanon has gone popular on social media and make it real to Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram. And definitely, after her performance in the blockbuster-to-be Housefull 4, she would attract more and more fans all over the media.


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