Tiger Shroff Jumped On Over 100 House Tops For "War" Action Stunts

Harshini |Sep 30, 2019

To film for "War", Tiger Shroff himself has jumped on top of 100 houses in Italy and showed off his parkour skills.

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff has jumped on the top of around 100 houses in order to film for the action sequence in Italy. War maker Siddharth Anand shared that Tiger is the best of India in terms of action stunts and they aspired to make full use of his skills in the movie.

Anand said, "There is no one better than Tiger in parkour in India and we wanted to exploit his outstanding skill and showcase it spectacularly in War. The action sequences in War have been designed to give audiences a maximum adrenaline rush in theatres and we wanted to use Tiger's parkour skills to its fullest to create a high-octane sequence."

Tiger 1

Parkour is a workout control utilizing movement which is created from military impediment course preparing. It consists of running, climbing, freerunning, swinging, jumping, vaulting, rolling, plyometrics, quadrupedal movement along with other movements considered best suited for a situation.

Tiger Shroff performed parkour on more than 100 houses were shot in Matera, Southern Italy. The action stunts are for the upcoming movie War that also features Hrithik Roshan as the main role.

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The director mentioned, "Matera, uniquely, has houses that have been built next to each other. These houses are separated by small bylanes. The proximity of these houses makes it an incredible spot to perform parkour and Tiger was thrilled with our location choice. He flew in 4 days before the shoot and practised three days straight jumping from one rooftop to another and got used to the terrain of Matera."

Anand also added that the stunts were nowhere near easy, "The parkour sequence that Tiger pulled off was extremely difficult because he had to jump on top of at least 100 houses. We shot an entire day with him and he exhibited the best parkour moves that anyone has ever seen in a movie."


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