These May Be The Reasons Why Ananya Panday Has 4 Million Instagram Followers

Kimmy Karima |Aug 21, 2019

Ananya Panday’s Instagram account may be the dream of every social media user. And if you really look into it, you’ll understand why she manages to hold that many people’s interests!

20-year-old Ananya Panday just had her debut in Bollywood with Punit Malhotra’s film Student of the Year 2, but her reputation has been going far beyond that work. In fact, Ananya has been very active on social networks and her Instagram account alone attracts 4 million followers!

Oh, that may make us question why we can’t even reach 200, no matter how hard we try.

Ananya Panday
“Student of the Year 2” poster. Photo: Twitter.

But if we put our envy aside and take a hard look into Ananya’s posts, we may have a clue why so many people like her. So, whether you like Ananya too and want to know some nice things about her, or you would like to find her secrets so you can attract more followers yourself, here are 5 lovely things we find from the Instagram account of that cutie girl.

She doesn’t mind sharing her old and candid photos

"Charlie's Angels"? Photo: Instagram.

Many stars don’t share their old and unfiltered photos, because they don’t look perfect in them. But not Ananya. On her Instagram, you can find a lot of her childhood pictures. Honestly, she looked great too, even as a kid!

It’s always interesting when we can take a glance at a star’s early years like that!

And when sharing those old gems, Ananya always remembers to add some sweet and warm words to show her affection to those in the pictures with her. That, of course, makes her even more adorable! The bonus point is that Ananya is a close friend of Suhana Khan, Shah Rukh Khan‘s daughter. So we may see beautiful photos of both girls together too.

She’s family-oriented

Ananya Panday
Family is the priority. Photo: Instagram.

How many stars are open when talking about their families, not to mention posting pictures of them on social networks? Of course, they have their good reasons like protecting their privacy or so. But Ananya’s quite generous when it comes to sharing her family pictures.

She proudly showed photos of herself with her daddy Chunky Panday, mommy Bhavna Panday, little sister Rysa Panday and even her cousins. Those photos are fun, love-filled and heart-warming. This shows that she has very good relationships with her family and relatives. And that she must be a very lovely girl indeed.

She’s so fashionable

Ananya Panday
She loves pink colour. Photo: Instagram.

Whom do people tend to follow? A film star? A good-looker? An influencer? A fashionista? Then Ananya Panday is an all-in-one! She really knows how to pick up the trends so she always looks extremely stylish.

Ananya 4

The great thing is that she’s trendy but not showy. So her followers can learn a lot from her, regarding how to mix and match outfits or what is in style. Among hundreds of her fashion pictures, we don’t find even one faulty one. Just cool and cooler!

She’s witty

Ananya Panday
The photo that goes with the caption: "If you think loving her was hard..." Photo: Instagram.

Ananya doesn’t just have look, she also has a mix of beauty and brain. Her Instagram posts don’t just feed our eyes, but our minds too. Because apart from great pictures, here and there she also writes smart and offbeat texts, some of which may be our forever favorite one-liners.

For example, she wrote: "if u think loving her was hard, try forgetting her". You see, she’s not just funny, she also seems mature beyond her age! We didn’t expect to learn about love from such a young girl, did we?

She’s friendly and down-to-earth

Ananya Panday
Time for friends. Photo: Instagram.

Money and fame change people. That’s not true in Ananya’s case. Despite her popularity and her busy schedules, Ananya still has time for her friends. She goes out with them, takes photos with them and publicly shares her love for them (as well as the pics, of course).

It proves that Ananya is still a friendly young girl who has a real life. That is certainly healthy and necessary, and it makes Ananya a good example for every young person following her.


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