The Trap Of Mental Illness Around These Bollywood Superstars Will Shock You Out Of Words

Ankita Chetana |Oct 21, 2019

Today mental illness seems to be more popular and people get easier contact with it. Several Bollywood celebs also go under it and share about it in public, wakening a warning about this dangerous illness.

Whereabouts this world, people make a habit of judging others that they don’t know the effects of their heavy words. When it comes to Bollywood superstars with mental illness, you may sound it impossible or insane but they truly lived with it.

In a severe and strict world like the entertainment industry, each of celebs’ speech or action have been always jotted down and stuck in the judgment.

Their lavish private lives don’t say it out or express how depression wraps them all. These following Bollywood superstars with mental illness will give you a better vision of how celebs crunch every piece of anxiety and depression.

Shah Rukh Khan

Being the richest Bollywood stars and embracing one of the biggest fandoms in B-town, who says that King Khan hadn’t been overwhelmed by a heavy heart. However, with all the courage and powerful spirit, Shah Rukh Khan didn’t let it swamp his overload.

Shah Rukh Khan Depression

Depression found the superstar after his shoulder surgery in 2010 like a big challenge to witness his bravery.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika takes no doubts one of the most sought after divas in the tinsel town and even when she doesn’t hold any projects, she still shines her name through her signature fashion style. As a Queen of Bollywood, not many people know that she had come over the trap of mental illness.

Deepika Padukone talk about depression

In 2014, depression chased after Deepika that the actress had to collect her fortitude in fighting with it. Undergoing and comprehending about it more than ever, the diva founded a mental health centre called Live Love Laugh to give a hand to those who are living with it like her.

Deepika Depression
Deepika Padukone is one of Bollywood superstars with mental illness

Talking in tears about her worse phase of life, she shared:


Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh also opened up about how he stayed beside his wife during that struggling time:


Yo-Yo Honey Singh

The rap king of B-town has given us a lot of his compositions to live us up no matter what happens. But he himself has gone through a rocky road with depression covering all the way. His dark phase of life brought him to the bipolar disorder at the height of his stardom.

Bollywood superstars with mental illness Yoyo Honey Singh

The rapper revealed the terrible duration in the rehab center:


Aamir Khan

The nickname “Mr Perfectionist” holds its own price tag and Aamir Khan had counted it by his last shot in the chat show Satyamev Jayate. Not only Aamir Khan but his team in this show also took the Post-Traumatic Disorder that they had undergone a group treatment.

Performing several topics on the show such as child sexual abuse, depression, female foeticide, and medical malpractice, the entire team had suffered a burden of stress. All they need at that time was a therapy to come over such mental diseases.

The superstar unveiled:


Anushka Sharma

Setting her trauma publically, the ravishing actress shocked and worried her fans by a confusing tweet:


The truth is that Anushka did go under medication for her severe anxiety but she didn’t seem to move down from it. The optimism surrounded her as she happily considered anxiety a normal issue in life that we don’t need to hide it or feel ashamed about it.

Anushka Sharma Anxiety Disorder

Removing the awkwardness solely about her own anxiety, she stated:


Hrithik Roshan

During a mental health conference in 2016, Hrithik Roshan shared that he felt so vulnerable to experience a depression struggle. Though it brought a lump in his throat, he won over it to become a superstar as now.

He came into the revelation:


Varun Dhawan

The energetic actor of Bollywood also had a big battle with depression and it’s hard to believe but it’s true. He started to fall into this trauma when shooting for Badlapur in the role of a psycho and he took his efforts to go into a shell.

Varun Dhawan

The character haunted Varun so much that he disclosed:


Depression is no cues for someone and also easy to step out for the others. Recently, the news of Sulli’s demise has once again knocked on the door of celebs’ depression. These above Bollywood superstars with mental illness are just some representatives for the whole industry, but we all know that each one sinks in the depth of a mental health problem.

So let’s cleanse up the ideology and hard words, to fresh the air of the true "entertainment" term.


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