Tanushree Dutta Before Heading Back US: “Metoo Brings About Change In India”

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 19, 2018

Tanushree Dutta is all set to back America after Metoo movement gain momentum in India.

In a trip come back hometown in July, Tanushree Dutta made India explode with her sexual harassment allegations against veteran actor Nana Patekar. After that, many other women have come forward to reveal their stories. As stories of abuse and sexual assault accumulated in the media, men began to experience consequences for their shameful behaviour.


It's not exaggerated to say that Tanushree Dutta is the one who triggers #Metoo movement in India. Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta also embroidered in legal fight as both decided to pursue the matter in court. In October, Tanushree filed an FIR against the actor.

In a recent interview with the media, the former beauty queen sincerely shared that she feels happy for contributing Metoo movement in India and bringing some change to the country.


Even though thing couldn’t change overnight, but Tanushree believes that for any movement to gain momentum, it must start with a small action.


When being asked about how the actress can follow up her police case, Tanushree clarified that the investigation doesn’t need the actress “constant presence”.

Tanushree Dutta concluded by saying: “This is a new kind of thought process and this will carry on. This does not require my presence; it does not require my constant nagging.”


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