Sushant Singh Rajput's Suicide Details REVEALED, The Late Actor Tested For COVID-19

Salena Harshini |Jun 15, 2020

There was a conspiracy that the actor was murdered, but the police ruled out foul play and more insights have been revealed. Read it here!

On June 14, famous Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging himself in his apartment in Bandra. The police carried out to clarify the cause of his demise. The late actor’s family suspect that there were external parties involved in his death, but the Police have ruled out the foul play because the postmortem report has confirmed that his cause of death is a suicide, confirmed by Dr. Manoj Sharma - Additional Commissioner of Police. Here are the details on the case.

Sushant 1
Sushant Singh Rajput's case in detail below

The Kai Po Che actor was diagnosed with clinical depression and had to take medication for months. Sushant Singh Rajput was treated at Hinduja Hospital but it was mentioned by sources that he had not adhered to the medication schedule and actually skipped his intake.

According to early investigation reports of ABP News, anti-depressant pills were found in his house by a team of Bandra Police when they rushed there. However, there has been no recovery of any suicide note.

The details of the day Sushant Singh Rajput passed away was shared by his cooks. They mentioned that the actor had done a common routine the entire morning after he woke up at 6.30 am. Nothing odd was suspected but then, he suddenly went into the bedroom at about 9.30 am after drinking his morning juice.

When one of his cooks went to knock on his door to ask about the food, there was no response from Sushant Singh Rajput. They immediately went to call Mitu Singh, his sister, and upon her arrival, they called for a key master at 1.30 pm. When the door was unlocked, they were shocked to witness the misery.

An ambulance was sent there as they called Param Bir Singh - Mumbai Police Commissioner, and informed him about Sushant’s incident.

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Sushant Singh House
Sushant Singh's residence in Bandra

The house helper of Sushant Singh Rajput also mentioned that the actor hadn’t been well for more than a week and that he was unsure whether he could pay off their salaries. After all, he was able to clear off every other debt.

For the unversed, before they performed the postmortem, Sushant’s swabs were taken to test to see whether he was infected with COVID-19. As the coronavirus test turned out to be negative, the postmortem was started.

O P Singh, the star’s brother-in-law, also Additional director general of police and the Special officer of Haryana Chief Minister’s Office, wants to dig in for a deeper probe and gain more insights into the grieving demise.

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Sushant Singh Sister
Sushant Singh Rajput's sister arrived at the hospital (source: ABP)

A statement was made by Pappu Yadav, Jan Adhikar Party Chief, after his visit to Sushant’s family.

“Sushant Singh Rajput has been murdered, he cannot commit suicide. I demand CBI inquiry into the matter.”

The maternal uncle of the actor also stated that they do not think he committed suicide and that police must look more carefully into the case. They also insisted that there may be a conspiracy behind Sushant’s demise: he had been murdered.

After the postmortem was completed, the myth was cleared out by police that his death resulted from asphyxiation when he hung himself with a green kurta. The case was clearly a suicide.

The death of the actor to clarified to be suicide, no conspiracy behind

The heartbreaking news came as a huge shock to the entire nation. We share our deepest condolences to the family of the talented star who was gone too soon.

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