Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples: Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber On The Journey Of True Love

Rose Advani |Sep 18, 2019

The faithful love between the gorgeous actress dancer Sunny Leone and the charming prince Daniel Weber. The couple ranks in the list Top 20 Bollywood power couples.

Sunny Leone is a sexy actress and dancer, got the highest search in the entertainment industry 2017.

The stunner and bombshell Sunny Leone who has been gradually establishing herself in the Hindi film industry is touted as one of the dishiest stars in the tinsel town. Ever since she debuted in Bollywood, Sunny has made her mark with many remarkable films. The Bollywood stare stands out not about the acting career; she is always a talented dancer with a glamorous look and seductive steps.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber and the journey of true love

Apart from the acting and dancing skill, the actress is famous for the journey of true love with the charming man Daniel Weber with a happy ending, the 7-year marriage that put her super-hot couple in the list of Top 20 Bollywood power couples.

Top 20 Bollywood power couples
The couple in red looks so happy

Top 20 Bollywood power couples
One of the nicest family pictures in the world

The former adult film actress, Sunny Leone got the best known by a huge Google search by joining the Indian hit reality series Big Boss in 2011. Becoming a popular face on the Internet also gave her lots of complaints against her appearance in the show.

Top 20 Bollywood power couples
Sunny is a gorgeous actress and dancer

Sunny signed up Bollywood with the movie Jism 2, Ragini MMS 2, and even got the role in Shootout at Wadata, created by Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Gupta. The performance the song Pink Lips for the movie Hate Story 2 immersed your success and put her name in the Indian movie industry.

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Sunny in an advertisement for her production company

Daniel Weber, a former adult star and a member of a rock band, but currently he is Sunny’s business partner the head of their joint venture production company. He was born in Massapequa, New York and known as a guitarist and an actor.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
Daniel is a guitarist in a rock band

The love story of these popular faces of the entertainment industry is not far different from other fame couples, but they had their own love style, from love at first sight to true love.

When they get the first met

Turned back to 2004, Sunny Leone had the first met with Daniel Webber in Los Angeles with his rock band. She went there with her friend. And during the performing time, Daniel couldn't take his eyes off Sunny Leone, our guitarist felt in love at first sight.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
Daniel felt in love with Sunny at first sight

How did the romantic love start?

Daniel, without hesitation, invited Sunny a drink, but she got a low response and left the table. Though getting her to ignore, Daniel finds out the lightning love with this stubborn girl. And he starts a romantic love with her by giving her day by day a bunch of flower and chocolate in front of the door at her hotel.

Also, there was her sorrow time when her mother suddenly passed away. And Daniel was there, and his action encourages her to overcome the difficulty. Eventually, Daniel got the attention of Sunny with his persistent love.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
Sunny and Daniel with bright smiles together

After two months, Sunny decided to give Daniel a chance by accepting a date invitation. However, she came late to look at how patient Daniel was. Surprisingly, Daniel stayed there and waited for her patiently. That was the date they spent hours to talked to each other. After this date with 24 times of giving roses and chocolates, Daniel said three magical words: “I Love You”.

And Daniel’s persistent love and affection won the beautiful girl.

The romantic love turned to a marriage

Since they were officially a couple, they had a great time together with lots of wonderful moments. After three years in love, they decided to get married in 2011. The wedding party was a traditional Sikh wedding at a Gurudwara in the morning as Sunny is Sikh, and a traditional Jewish ceremony in the evening as Daniel is a Jew.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
A traditional Sikh wedding at a Gurudwara in the morning as Sunny is Sikh.

There are her friends and family at the wedding party to cheer up their happy ending for a long time.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
They passionately kissed together at the wedding party

Marriages life of the powerful couple

Married life of Sunny and Daniel has been so fragile in the film industry. More lots of marriages have ended with a separation with hurt feeling. The marriage life of this couple seen happy with the imminent support and motivation together in work at their own production company.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
Their married life is full of happiness

Furthermore, they spend their time on holiday to warm up their love and especially respect each other choices and career commitments, and here are the reasons for the 7-year marriage.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
The couple with three miracles from God

Right after getting married, the couple adopted a two-year-old girl, named Nisha Kaur Weber from a village in Latur, Maharashtra. In the interview with Hindustan Times, she stated that she got attracted from the Nisha’s smile that melts any hearts.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
Sunny and Daniel adopted a two-year-old girl, named Nisha with a bright smile

In February 2018, Sunny and Daniel had a more prominent family with adding two miracles, baby twin boys, named Asher and Noah through surrogacy. The couple believed that they are blessed by God with three miracles for their life.

Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples
No word to express their happiness


Leone and Daniel is an adorable couple with true love, cute babies, and a complete family. We can't put our eyes off from these happy moments pic of her family. By the supporting together in the career, their net worth is accumulated larger and larger, and the real love couple is on Top 20 Bollywood power couples.


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