Suhana Khan Reveals The Name Of The Actor She Wants To Date. Read Details

Leela Adwani |Feb 18, 2019

A fan asked her “Actor you wanna date?” the star kid replied “Him” along with a picture of the singer.

Daughter of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana Khan, recently took to her Instagram story to reveal the actor that she wants to date. Though it’s not anyone in your expectation as the answer is a singer from South Korea. A fan asked her “Actor you wanna date?” the star kid replied “Him” along with a picture of singer, actor Suho, the leader of a boyband EXO. FYI, the real name of Suho is Kim Jun-myeon.

There is no doubt that Suhana Khan has all the makings of an actor. Earlier, she made her debut on the cover of Vogue magazine, which caused widespread concern about the conditions to appear on one of the most prestigious magazines’ cover as she hadn’t as yet achieved anything.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan usually share photos of their kids, Suhana, AbRam, and Aryan. For those unversed, Suhana played the role of Juliet in with her classmates in the play Romeo and Juliet. SRK even headed to London to watch his daughter’s performance and shared photos on social media.

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Pictures which showed her shooting for a short film with her college friends were also surfaced online. Shah Rukh Khan told Hindustan Times that if her daughter wants to become an actor, she should complete the education first.

Suhana, in an interview with Vogue, revealed that moving away from home at 16 years old made her more mature and gave her a chance to explore the world.

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