#Metoo Sonu Nigam Backs Anu Malik: ‘We Respect Accusers Even Without Proof’

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 19, 2018

Talking about his friend and colleagues Anu Malik, Sonu Nigam doubts about the veracity of the groundless accusation.

In Agenda Aaj 2018 event, Sonu Nigam refuted the oft-repeated charge against music director Anu Malik of sexual harassment. He believed that the women’s accusations should come with proper proof unless people shouldn’t prejudge Malik.

Metoo movement started in India earlier this year with an expose detailing countless allegation against Bollywood veteran actor, director. Meanwhile, the media has democratised feminism and helping women to share experiences of sexual assault. As the accusations poured out, many big names taking hits.


In October, lyricist Sona Mohapatra and classical vocalist Shweta Pandit alleged that they were mistreatment at the hands of the Indian Idol 10 judge. Furthermore, two more women come out and added weight to the claim.

However, Sonu Nigam who is a close friend to Anu Malik has a different point of view.

“I am a witness to how power is misused.”

According to Sonu Nigam, he told his Metoo story ten years ago but he also experienced misuse of power. The singer said:



Sonu backs Anu Malik on the groundless accusation

When being asked about Anu Malik, the singer strongly believed that people need clear proof for their serious accusation as any false allegation could damage Anu’s reputation. Moreover, not only Anu Malik but also his family may suffer from this made-up story.



“Don't punish his family. Get proof first."



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