Sonam Kapoor And Salman Khan Finally Speak Up After Sushant's Death

Salena Harshini |Jun 22, 2020

After getting lots of criticism on Sushant Singh Rajput's death, here is what Sonam Kapoor and Salman Khan have to say.

After the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sonam Kapoor is among many celebrities who have been receiving abuse and hate from netizens on her social media accounts. Fans have been putting outrage on famous filmmakers, star kids, actors, and studios who they believed to have pushed the actor to his limit by not giving him the chance he deserved.

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor has recently raised her voice on the demise of fellow actor Sushant Singh Rajput

After Sonam Kapoor disabled comments on her Instagram, netizens started the trolls by sending her DMs instead. The actress has been uploading screenshots of the messages on her Instagram stories to show that people have been wishing her to die instead and even sent cruel death wishes on her future children.

In detail, she admitted that she turned off her and her parents’ comment sections as she did not want them, who are 64 now, to go through all of this. Also, she said she was not doing it out of fear but of common sense instead to protect the mental health of her parents and herself.

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Sonam Instagram

Sonam Kapoor added that the video those people wishing death on her, her family, and her future kids were mentioning was 7 years ago. When Sushant Singh Rajput had one movie, she did not know him just like he did not know her. Also, she urged people to watch other episodes where fellow actors had commented much worse about her yet she still took it in the spirit of talk shows, in jest.

Apparently, the video Sonam Kapoor was talking about is the viral footage where Karan Johar asked her about the MK actor and she replied that she didn’t know who he was.

Sonam Sushant
Netizens showed this old video as a proof of Sonam insulting Sushant

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, quite a number of Bollywood stars including director Aayush Sharma, Shashank Khaitan and actress Sonakshi Sinha have left Twitter, saying that the sphere had become way too negative for them.

In the final tweet before she deactivated her Twitter, Sonakshi Sinha has said that the first thing to do to defend one’s sanity is to steer clear from negativity, which is imposed too much on Twitter nowadays.

Previously, Sonam Kapoor also lashed out at those who blame the death of Sushant on others. She posted on Twitter saying that blaming an ex-girlfriend, a girlfriend, or colleagues for the death of someone is extremely ignorant and mean spirited.

Salman Khan has also spoken up regarding Sushant's death

In the meantime, Salman Khan has also been seen raising his voice after the demise of Sushant. He wrote an appeal to his fans on the Internet, saying that they should support Sushant’s family and fans after the incident. Salman Khan is also one of those who has been receiving criticism from netizens these days.

His Tweet went,

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