Sonali Bendre Finds Simple Joy When She Returns Home From New York After Cancer Treatment

Maanyata Thu |Dec 04, 2018

Sonali Bendre is now back in Mumbai from New York city after five months of cancer treatment. She showed her joy by sharing a photo of her and her pet dog.

Bollywood star Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with cancer in July and since then she has been in New York to undergo medical treatment. Sonali often updates her fight against cancer with her fans on Instagram and this has become the inspiration to those who are fighting the same thing.

Sonali has always been an example of an undying spirit throughout her fight against cancer over the past five months. She is now back in Mumbai from New York city.

Sonali Bendre shared a photo of her with her dog on Instagram and captioned, “Reunited, Little Miss Joy.”


Sonali Bendre returns Mumbai after spending five months in NY city for her medical treatment against “high grade” cancer. In some posts on social networking, she described her struggle when undergoing the treatment. She mentioned that sometimes she was so painful that she was not able to lift a finger. However, Sonali Brendre claimed that no matter how painful she has been through, she will never give up. Besides, her husband, filmmaker Goldie Behl has always accompanied by and given her support through her fight against cancer.

On Monday, Sonali and Goldie were spotted at Mumbai airport from New York City. Sonali was in a bald look and always kept bright smiles on her face when greeting the paparazzi. Her husband, Goldie Behl, said to Navbharat Times that after 6 months of treatment, Sonali is getting better and recovering well. He also said thank to all fans and wishers, who have always prayed and supported her.


Some of Sonali’s close friends including Gayatri Oberoi and Sussanne Khan paid a visit to her home after her arrival.

Sonali had also shared a long post when she was about to leave New York City. She wrote how distance made her long for her loved ones even more. She said that she had witnessed a lot of moving stories and how she realized that one must never give up. Also, she expressed her joy when she can see her friends and family again. Sonali added that her fight was not over but she is still happy and looks forward to the happy interval.


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