Sonakshi Sinha Shows Her Support For Deepika Padukone Amidst JNU Protests

Salena Harshini |Jan 09, 2020

while the JNU protests are still on the boil, actress Sonakshi Sinha has also come out and showed her support towards Deepika Padukone after she showed up at the scene.

Currently, India is bearing the brunt of the chaos regarding the attacks at Jawaharlal Nehru University hostels. Numerous students were injured and even killed because of the event.

The whole nation has sundered with their opinions on the current protests at JNU Sabarmati which resulted from the controversial Citizen Amendment Act. The act discerns Muslims against every other minority in the region. Indian students are strongly taking a stand over this issue as many are going down the streets to demand justice and protest.

Some famous people have raised their voices and even showed up at the JNU Sabarmati in solidarity with the students whose lives have been strongly affected. Deepika Padukone was the latest star to come on board.

Deepika Padukone at the site of JNU protests (source: Twitter)

Recently, she was asked about how she felt about the incident. To this, Deepika revealed she’s proud that they didn’t be afraid of expressing themselves. Despite the fact that everyone has their own perspective and many of them are different but at least, it’s nice to see it.

Moreover, she affirmed that it’s a must if we want to see the changes in our life. And in society, sharing our view is really necessary.

Later in the evening, she turned up at the site in solidarity with the victims.

While a lot of people praised Deepika for gracing the streets to show her support for the suffered students and for standing up against the failing government, there are some who criticized her. They assumed she only did that to promote her new movie Chhapaak. However, very soon, hashtag #ISupportDeepika began trending on Twitter and spotted on top in many corners of the world.

Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha has also come out and showed her support towards Deepika Padukone. She took to Twitter and praised Deepika Padukone for presenting herself at the scene and also hailed everyone else for raising their voice.

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