Shraddha Kapoor Following Three Diets & Fitness Plans For Upcoming Films

Mohnish Singh |Jul 27, 2019

The actress is simultaneously shooting for three big films namely “Saaho”, “Chhichhore” and “Street Dancer 3D”. Since she dons different looks in each one of them, she is following three diets and fitness plans to fit the bill.

Shraddha Kapoor is one of the busiest actresses at the moment. She is simultaneously shooting for three big movies namely Saaho, Chhichhore and Street Dancer 3D. Each film has a distinct tone and requires her to be in a different avatar.

While switching from one diet plan and fitness regime to another for subsequent films is not a new thing for stars these days, Shraddha Kapoor has had to follow three different ones simultaneously for all the three aforementioned films.

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Image source: BizAsia

Saaho, Chhichhore and Street Dancer 3D, all three films are diametrically different from one another which, naturally, means that the actress’ meals and workouts had to be varied as well.

While shooting for actioner Saaho, Shraddha Kapoor’s diet had ample amounts of essential fat and moderate protein and carbohydrate.

In Saaho, Shraddha Kapoor plays a cop, and she had to do heavy-duty action sequences on her own in the film. The actress trained heavily in CrossFit to pull it off.

And when Shraddha Kapoor worked on T-Series Films Street Dancer 3D, extra care had to be taken about her nutrition and supplements intake.

Since Street Dancer 3D and her other movie Chhichhore both involved hours of rehearsals and dancing, Kapoor had to consume a lot of electrolyte water to get an instant boost of energy to train hard. She also consumed a cream diet.

Also starring southern superstar Prabhas, Saaho is set to release on 30th August. Her next Chhichhore was also set to release on the same date, but we hear that the makers are planning to push the film to some other date. Street Dancer 3D, also featuring Varun Dhawan, is slated to roll into cinemas on 24th January, 2020.

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