Sherlyn Chopra: Sajid Khan Flashed At Me, Asked Me To Touch And Feel His Private Part

Salena Harshini |Jan 20, 2021

Sajid Khan again embroidered in controversies as Sherlyn Chopra claimed he flashed her and harassed her just days after her father's passing.

Another MeToo speculation against filmmaker Sajid Khan surfaced online after Sherlyn Chopra said that he flashed her. The actress claimed that he exposed himself before the actress and asked her to touch her sensitive part.

Sherlyn Chopra is a model and movie actress known for her work in the Bollywood industry. In July 2012, she became the first Indian female to pose without clothes for the famous Playboy magazine. She also hosted the MTV Splitsvilla, the sixth season.

Sherlyn Chopra and Sajid Khan
Sherlyn Chopra accused Sajid of flashing her and do even more sensitive stuff

Sajid Khan allegedly harassed Sherlyn Chopra

In detail, Sherlyn Chopra went on Twitter and got candid on a talk from 2019 where she divulged about her nightmare. She said someone attempted to mislead her while added that she got harassed by multiple people.

According to Sherlyn, this incident happened in 2015. On Twitter, she wrote,

"When I had met him in April 2005, a few days after my father’s demise, he had taken his penis out of his pants and had asked me to feel it. I remember having told him that I know how a penis feels like & that the purpose of my meeting with him was not to feel or rate his penis."

Sherlyn Chopra
The director harassed her just a few days after her dad passed away

Sherlyn further added that they can check her phone records to see whether the allegations are true. She said, "After flashing his penis, he had not only asked me to touch it & feel it but also asked me if I had ever seen a penis as well endowed as his.."

For those who have not known, Sherlyn Chopra is among the alleged Bollywood actresses who slept with directors for roles. Her statement on the casting couch in Bollywood also made headlines a while ago.

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Sajid Khan also harassed other women

Sherlyn’s allegations surfaced not long after the sister of late actor Jiah Khan also accused the director of harassing her sister. According to Karishma, Sajid Khan asked Jiah to take her clothes off during a movie rehearsal.

Jiah Khan, Mandana Karimi, Paula
Jiah Khan, Mandana Karimi, and Paula - his victims

The actress was felt disturbed after being subjected to harassment. According to Karishma, Jiah Khan returned home and cried. She made shocking speculations during the shooting of a documentary named “Death in Bollywood”. The said documentary focuses on Ghajini actress Jiah Khan who took her own life 8 years ago, in 2013.

Also, Karishma stated that although Jiah was hurt after the accident, she still kept on with the filming.

Furthermore, Sajid’s name first popped up in the 2018 MeToo movement when a journalist and an actress had revealed that the director had mistreated them. Former contestant in Bigg Boss Mandana Karimi also called him “a creep”. Meanwhile, in September 2020, Indian model Paula had accused Sajid Khan of sexual misconduct at his house. She was 17 at that time.

Sajid Khan
Sajid Khan is most known for directing "Housefull"

The Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association issued a notice to him,

“Your...actions have brought disrepute to Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association,”  they expected an explanation from Khan "for such offensive behaviour within seven days of the receipt of the notice for further action as per the rules and regulations… In case of no reply, ex-parte decision would be taken.”

Sajid Khan, born on 23 November 1970, is the film director of many famous movies. The projects in his collects include the Housefull franchise, Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate, Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai, among others.

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