Shammi Kapoor Son & Daughter – Turned Their Back On Family Tradition To Follow The Spiritual Guru’s Advice

Leela Adwani |Oct 22, 2020

Shammi Kapoor family is in the news recently due to the controversial statement of his son about his decision to quit the film industry. Details below!

The Kapoor dynasty or better known as “The first family of Indian cinema” is the biggest and most powerful family in the film industry. With at least five generations working in the industry for more than 92 years, the Kapoors have the largest impact as well as the longest history in the Indian Hindi cinema. The late actor Shammi Kapoor was one of the brightest names from the family’s generation 2. Even though he passed away in 2011, the actor himself and Shammi Kapoor son and daughter still make headlines recently.

The Kapoor Family
The Kapoor family

Shammi Kapoor was a veteran actor and director of the Hindi film industry from the Mid 1950s to the early 1970s. He was the son of Prithviraj Kapoor and Ramsarni Mehra and had two children with his first wife Geeta Bali.

Shammi Kapoor’s son and the advice to leave the film industry from the spiritual guru

Shammi Kapoor son and daughter are Aditya Raj Kapoor who is also an actor and filmmaker and Kanchan Katan Desai who is a lesser-known member of the Kapoor family.

Recently, the Shammi Kapoor family is in the news due to the much-talked-about statement of his son, Aditya Raj Kapoor. The filmmaker has recalled a series of events that made him decide to quit the film industry ahead of his Bollywood debut under his production house banner RK Films. Aditya revealed that the death of his mother, Geeta Bali who was also a prominent actress left him in extreme scare. That stood to the reason why he turned away his promising career path as well as the rich family tradition.

Shammi Kapoors Son
Aditya Raj Kapoor and his late father Shammi Kapoor

In an interview with SpotboyE, Shammi Kapoor said,

“I was 17, I was a rebel without a cause and I was going to make my film debut. Then I found my spiritual guru. And he told me those life-changing words - ‘Leave The Film Industry’.”

He further added that for 25 years following the advice of “Guruji”, he never looked at the cinema and even stopped watching films. He tried his luck in entrepreneurship.

Shammi Kapoors Son 759
Shammi Kapoor's son opens up on his 25-year hiatus from the film industry

Talking about his return to the Indian cinema, Shammi Kapoor’s son said

“I became an actor...finally. My father watched every single shot of mine in promos, trailers, films. At the age of 76, he played the role of my career guide and mentor...a role he would’ve played when I was 19 had I not left the film industry.”

Aditya has starred in movies like Diwangi Ne Had Kar Di, Say Yes To Love, Isi Life Mein, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, and many more.

Shammi Kapoor’s daughter

If Shammi himself made it big in the film industry, Shammi Kapoor son and daughter are seemingly unable to do so. To be considered a less popular member of the Kapoor family, Kandan Desai who is 59 years old now chooses to live a low-key life compared to her father’s. She gets married to a businessman named Ketan Desai who is also the son of the notable filmmaker Manmohan Desai. They have a happy married life with two daughters Pooja and Raj.

Kanchan Ketan Desai
The rare pictures of Shammi Kapoor's daughter surfaced online

Even though Shammi Kapoor is no more, hope Shammi Kapoor son and daughter still keep alive the long-established tradition of the family.

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