20 Shraddha Kapoor Facts That Speak Volumes About The Actress

Salena Harshini |Mar 03, 2020

As the actress is turning 33 today, check out 20 interesting Shraddha Kapoor facts that will help you understand more about her personality.

Shraddha Kapoor has been busy for the promotion of Baaghi 3 but she has another reason to party and enjoy this week: she is turning 33 years old today! She has been a diligent actress who has proven to everyone that she is in fact a very versatile starlet.

On the occasion of her birthday, check out the lesser-known and amusing Shraddha Kapoor facts that reveal more things about our favorite actress:

1. Shraddha Kapoor was a smart student as she scored a hulking 95% in her class exams. Her parents actually wanted her to major in and live with a more academic field. But the lady decided to follow her heart and pursued acting.

Shraddha Kapoor Facts
The actress has deadly body curves

2. She is infatuated with tea. Two cups of tea can lift her mood for the day.

3. Shraddha is a big fan of sushi and she can eat a lot of Japanese food. She also loves chocolates and cupcakes.

Shraddha Kapoor Facts 1
Shraddha Kapoor age is officially 33 this year

4. Shraddha Kapoor can watch her father’s films again and again. Her favorite movie is Andaz Apna Apna starring her famous dad Shakti Kapoor. Although Shraddha Kapoor father is a huge inspiration for her, she admitted that her favorite actor is actually Amitabh Bachchan.

Shraddha Kapoor Facts 2
Shraddha Kapoor's father is famous actor Shakti Kapoor

5. Her grandmother and mother are classical singers. Also, Shraddha Kapoor has been trained as a singer since she was little.

6. The actress has been the cover face of many Indian editions for magazines like Elle, FHM, Marie Claire, Adorn, Cine Blitz, Femina, Cosmopolitan, Filmfare, and more.

Shraddha Kapoor facts 4
She is an all-round actress

7. The ABCD 2 film required her to master dance skills. And as she had to catch up with Varun Dhawan, she worked really hard and eventually got it right with sheer determination. She even got herself injured during the process.

 Shraddha Kapoor facts 3
Isn't she gorgeous?

8. Another interesting Shraddha Kapoor facts is that when she was a kid, the actress would always see her dad under a thick layer of makeup. She used to think her father possessed superpowers as Shakti Kapoor often returned from work wearing his filmy outfit.

 Shraddha Kapoor facts 7
A true beauty

9. Besides playing various characters, she can speak in many accents. Shraddha Kapoor once unveiled that British and Russian are among the accents she can speak.

10. Her acting skills were exposed to the world when Salman Khan offered Shraddha a film after seeing her in a play at Boston University. Shraddha Kapoor was 16 back then.

 Shraddha Kapoor facts 5

11. As per a Bombay Times report, she used to wear her parents’ outfits and danced before the mirror.

12. The actress loves gardening. It is kind of a special hobby for a female actor.

 Shraddha Kapoor facts 6
Shraddha Kapoor in bikini is a perfect combo

13. She loves adventure sports and for the unknown, she is a certified and trained scuba diver.

14. This Shraddha Kapoor facts is quite common among girls: she is afraid of lightning. This has started since her childhood and the reason is Shraddha has a phobia that makes her scared of lighting effects.

 Shraddha Kapoor facts 8
She has an ideal body

15. Shraddha Kapoor is half Maharashtrian because her dad is a Punjabi man and her mom is a Maharashtrian. Also, Shraddha belongs to the predominantly Marathi ancestry.

16. She is a Boston University drop out even though she was a top student. She chose to leave school due to her passion for acting.

Real Shraddha Kapoor facts
Real Shraddha Kapoor facts? She is undeniably hot

17. Shraddha not only acts but also sings in her movies, dances, performs on stage shows and supports quite many charitable organizations.

18. In March 2015, she had her own women's clothing line launched and it is called Imara, in association with Apparel, Online Shopping for Electronics, Books, Computers, DVDs and more.

 Shraddha Kapoor facts 10
Shraddha Kapoor facts are all intriguing and interesting

19. Shraddha can play basketball while wearing heels!

20. She has a strong love declaration for Hollywood movies. She loves watching them in her free time and her fav includes Central Station, Godfather 1, 2 and Shawshank Redemption.

With every additional thing that we know about her, we just adore her more and more. We wish Shraddha Kapoor a happy birthday with lots of triumph and happiness!


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