Shah Rukh Khan new advertisement would remind you of your beloved Dad

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 13, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan's new advertisement would definitely remind you of your father, as the actor tries with many costumes and iconic sayings.

Shah Rukh Khan latest advertisement video would definitely capture your heart. In 'ThingsDadssay', the actor portraits many images of a typical dad in a family. He looks amazing and lovely with many kind of costumes he tries on. SRK portraits three types of a typical Indian dad in the video: From the South Indian, Gujarati to Bengali, nothing could challenge him.


At the beginning, the famous Bollywood actor has black curly hair. He has a rough look with body hair and gives out the feeling of a severe type of dad from the South. After a firm image, he turns out to be a Gujarati kind. He had a big belly and golden rings were on his fingers.

Then he appears with a totally different style: A bald-headed, with glasses. With the help of a yellow kurta,he still manages to look as perfect as ever with Bengali type. Finally, he has well-dressed image with an elegant suits and a smoothly-combed hair. He portraits a richman and business type of dad.

"#ThingsDadsSay" is a promo video clip for a study app for children. Shah Rukh first revealed his advertisement last week on his Twitter account. He wrote a caption belong, "Things Dads say...”

Mentioned about variety roles that Shah Rulk could pull out, the actor will take part in many projects later. He will be a dwarf in 'Zero' produced by Anan L Rai. The movie starred Katrina Kaif as well as Anushka Sharma. Another special guest in the film is Salman Khan.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Shah Rukh

On Tuesday, Shah Rukh joined a fan session with his fans. In that Q&A time, a fan was curious what makes him motivated in his career. He shared his thoughts about the matter,


Another one questioned whether 'Zero' would premiere in his country Russia. He also shared about his feeling about the upcoming film,


Shah Rukh Khan, or SRK,  is a Bollywood actor, producer, and television personality. He is one of the biggest movie stars in the industry. The actor had taken part in more than 80 movies throughout his career. He is King of Bollywood as well as King of Romance. SRK is well-known as the biggest crowd puller in the entire world. He was the only superstar between 2000-2010, no other star was as successful as him.


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