Sara Ali Khan's Transformation Video Helps You Relieve Stress From Weight Gain

Ankita Chetana |May 31, 2020

The hot actress has posted a hilarious and amusing video showing her transformation of losing weight. Check it out!

We all know that Sara Ali Khan experienced a long period of losing weight that she hasn't shied away from opening up about it. Recently, the Simmba actress funnily posted a video on IGTV to expose her journey from 'Sara ka sara' to 'Sara ka aadha'.

Sara Ali Khan funny transformation video
Sara shows 'before' and 'after' the transformation

She wrote a caption along with the video:

"Namaste Darshako Lockdown Edition Episode 2: From Sara ka Sara to Sara ka aadha (From all of Sara to half of Sara)."

Watch the full video on her IGTV here:

Starting the video is Sara's look before when she was overweight. She is seen on a flight smiling and posing over a great rock. After that, the video turns to her pilate exercises, swimming, riding bicycles, punching, and cardio practising. The video ends up with the previous clip of her and Ibrahim Ali Khan in a dramatic scene in B-town. Especially, Sara's first appearance in the popular show Koffee With Karan also marked the video.

Sara Ali Khan
Source: Instagram

After going on air, the video has drawn a lot of attention from the beauty's fans who praised her for a healthy transformation. One of them commented: "That workout transformation girl" while another one wrote: "I have PCOS too. You’re my inspiration."

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome and the actress once revealed it in her life on Koffee With Karan. She shared:

"I was 96 kgs. ‘It will be almost rude to call you fat,’ is what you (Saif Ali Khan, her father) said. Actually, I had PCOD. I still do. And, because of that, I think I put on the amount of weight that I did. Because of that, there was also like a hormone problem."

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss
Sara in the past vs. now (Source: Instagram)

During an interview with BBC, Sara Ali Khan talked more about her journey of weight loss under the condition. She said:

"I went to Columbia for four years and at the end of the second year, I decided that I really want to act, like I said I have always known, but that realisation coincided with the weigh scale saying that I’m 96 kilos. So, it was a bit difficult. Then it was the senior year of college in America itself that I lost the weight. I was a regular kid. It made it very hard for me to a. lose weight and b. the hormone level was very high. So, as you can see, there is a level of delusion that was in me...I was confident, I was delusional."

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