Beer Boys And Vodka Girls | Fabulous Cast, Trailer, Review & Free Download

Hanima Anand |Dec 23, 2020

Beer Boys and Vodka Girls is a comedy web series on Prime Flix. The show is directed by Rahul Gupta, starring three boys and three girls of different personalities.

For those who don’t know, Beer Boys and Vodka Girls is categorized as an 18+ series of the comedy genre. The web series is distributed on Prime Flix only.

Beer Boys and Vodka Girls is directed by Rahul Gupta and was released in 2019 in Hindi language. Today, we will take a look at its cast, plot, review, and where to download it for free. Let’s go!

1. Beer Boys and Vodka Girls Review

The adult comedy web series revolves around the complicated life stories of six characters in total. There are three boys living in the same flat and three girls in another. These young people have much different lifestyles and problems. If the male discussion focuses mostly on their sexual desire and wild fantasies, female friends often talk about office issues, relationship,s or simply bra sizes.

Beer Boys And Vodka Girls Poster
The Prime Flix series is smoking hot, from cast to scenes.

There’s something common between them though. All the three boys are obsessed with a woman named Kanta Bai who is later sexually engaged with one of them. Meanwhile, all the girls find their innocent servant Lalla annoying for his untimely presence.

These two outsiders turn out to give the audience a good laugh whenever they appear. However, the storyline hasn’t come to its twist yet.

One boy and one girl from each group love each other, which is the thread to connect two rooms. One day, when their landlord increase the rent, the two groups decide to live together to save money. And the other two boys start being attracted by the other two girls. That’s when hilarious things happen.

Now comes to the main question, is it worth-watching?

A definite yes if you are a young and wild person who wants some chilling time with friends. Beer Boys and Vodka Girls is no short of funny situations that young friends can relate to. It’s also full of issues and advice that a young adult might seek at the moment.

However, if you want something more insightful or artistic, Beer Boys and Vodka Girls, as its name might suggest, is not a recommended option. This adult web series should be kept to its entertaining purpose only.

2. Beer Boys and Vodka Girls Cast

This web series doesn’t have many supporting actors, it focuses on six major roles instead. Here are the names and photos of three Beer Boys and three Vodka Girls in the story, along with their funny maid and servant.

Beer Boys And Vodka Girls Cast Photo
The female cast of the series are all smoking hot models.

Tapasya Agnihotri

Tapasya is working as an actress and designer at the same time. She used to work at a travel agency in Uttar Pradesh before switching to the Hindi-language entertainment industry.

Tapasya Agnihotri 1
Tapasya Agnihotri has an enormous fan base on her Instagram.

In fact, Tapasya hasn’t had many roles on the screen. Her two most noticeable works are Pimp series and Beer Boys and Vodka Girls. Tapasya Agnihotri age is unknown but she was born on 26 March in Kanpur.

Tapasya Agnihotri 2
In her free time, she loves playing with her pet dog.

Vihaan Goyal

Vihaan Goyal was born on 25 February, 1996. He used to be a popular TikTok star before the app was banned in India. Now he is working as a writer and narrator.

Vihaan Goyal
Vihaan Goyal is married, and his attractiveness leaves many fans in regret.

Rohan Varma

Rohan Varma is a young actor who hasn’t had many projects on screen. His information in real life is limited as well. Perhaps he is not ready to reveal his personal life to the public.

Beer Boys And Vodka Girls Cast
Rohan only appears in the group with other casts, he's not open to public eyes.

Gunnjan Aras

Gunnjan Aras is the hottest bombshell of Beer Boys and Vodka Girls. With her sultry figure, the model can burn men’s eyes whenever she appears in the scenes.

Gunnjan Aras
Gunnjan Aras is a famous model for her voluptuous body.

Bhargav Sagar

Bhargav is also a budding name in the town. His chubby appearance makes him fit comedy innocent roles. The young actor is working hard to have more films and series associated with his name.

Bhargav Sagar
Bhargav Sagar is a promising actor in modern web series.

Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur (26 years old) is a professional model before moving to acting career. She has starred in two web series Beer Boys and Vodka Girls in 2019, and I Bet in 2020.

Mahi Kaur
Mahi Kaur is another sizzling hot actress in the series.

Dinky Kapoor

Among all Beer Boys and Vodka Girls cast, Dinky Kapoor might sound more familiar than others. She used to star in several movies in the past, namely Mastizaade and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 in 2016. She also bagged some awards for her acting performances.

Dinky Kapoor 1
Dinky Kapoor has accumulated a considerable amount of net worth after years of acting.
Dinky Kapoor 2
Her number of fans also grow with years.

Shabd Rajpoot

Shabh Rajpoot is an emerging actor. It seems Beer Boys and Vodka Girls is his first major work.

Shabd Rajpoot
Shabd Rajpoot doesn't have an Instagram account but he is active on Facebook.

3. Beer Boys and Vodka Girls Free Download

In fact, you can only watch Beer Boys and Vodka Girls on Prime Flix who is the sole distributor of this web series. However, as many fans search for a free download version, some pirate sites have claimed to leak out the full series with 5 episodes in total.

Having said that, not many websites truly have the link to download Beer Boys and Vodka Girls online. From Filmyzilla to E123Movies, you can hardly find this series available.

There are some sites where you can create a free account and watch Beer Boys and Vodka Girls streaming. Mymovierack is a place of that kind.

Anyway, we highly recommend you subscribe Prime Flix to enjoy a quality version of the web series.

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