Sara Ali Khan Makes It The Best Of Both Worlds: Keeping Work And Personal Life Different Is Very Important

Salena Harshini |Jul 10, 2019

Actress Sara Ali Khan recently opened up about how to balance the two separate worlds of her life and about acting.

Sara Ali Khan became a phenomenon of Bollywood after her debut in movie Kedarnath helmed by Sushant Singh Rajput and her later work in the mega-hit film Simmba. The 23-year-old actress got the audience and film critics deeply impressed with her acting skill.

Only after two movies, she has already had a great fan base and been even considered Bollywood’s “buzz” girl. With her stunning beauty along with vibrant and sociable personality, Sara is many famous brands’ favorite face.

Sara 3
Source: Vogue India

Lately, the actress shared in an interview about her way to balance profession and private life.

It Is Extremely Important To Keep Two Worlds Separate

Sara Ali Khan On The Cover Of Bazaaz

On being asked about how she can make her personal and work life separable, Sara Ali Khan answered,

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Never To Be Fake

Sara Ali Khan

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Acting Is Her Passion

Sara Ali Khan

In the interview with Harper Bazaar magazine, the young actress said,

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To Be Able To Act Is Her Privilege and Honor


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