Read What Kangana Ranaut Said About Sunaina Roshan And Her Muslim Boyfriend Controversy

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 17, 2019

Kangana Ranaut has pulled out all swords against the Roshans. She claims its not her mistake if Sunaina Roshan trusts her more than her family.

Kangana Ranaut and the controversies surrounding Sunaina Roshan has once again come to afore. Sunaina Roshan and her Muslim boyfriend Ruhail Amin's love story was the talk of the town.

Sunaina Roshan

When Sunaina Roshan spoke about the alleged torture and harassment faced by her, she chose to seek help from Kangana Ranaut. Rangoli Chandel, manager and sister of Kangana brought the issue on her social media platform which gained attention from all quarters.

Sunaina Boyfriend

In a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut claimed that Sunaina Roshan sent her numerous messages and called her several times to seek her help. She also spoke about the recent remark passed by Hrithik Roshan against her.

Kangana Hrithik Johar

While responding to a question related to Hrithik Roshan and his family, Kangana Ranaut, said, "Is it my mistake that his (Hrithik Roshan) family member trusts me? Sunaina called me and messages were sent to me by her. The number of calls and such messages required attention and could not have been ignored".

"After the entire incident, we never called or texted each other. We brought out the issue in public forum and now because of that, she has been treated well now. Is it my mistake that their family member trusts me more than them. It is my fault that instead of taking her (Sunaina) care they are worrying about me", she added.

Hrithik Roshans Sister Sunaina

When she was asked about Hrithik Roshan calling her out a bully, Kangana Ranaut said, "We are not meeting each other, we have not spoken to each other since years, how can I be a bully? He sent me a legal notice but none of the cases has been proven. All cases have fallen flat. The entire industry was with Hrithik and I was fighting it alone. Who is the bully in that matter."

Hrithiksister Sunaina Reached Out Kangana For Help

Well, Kangana being Kangana has pulled out all her swords against the Bollywood bigwigs and seems quite unstoppable with her new flag bearer of nationalism tag.

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