Searches For Kangana Spiked After June, Taapsee Mocks Her Taking Advantage Of Sushant Singh Rajput

Hanima Anand |Jul 20, 2020

After Kangana Ranaut had a controversial interview where she called Taapsee a B-list actress, Taapsee responded, saying she didn’t make use of someone’s death. Our statistics tell you something about this!

It seems Kangana Ranaut won’t let the Bollywood industry in peace easily. After the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, this actress made nonstop allegations against big Bollywood names such as Karan Johar or the Bhatt family. Just on weekend, she also evoked controversies when calling Taapsee Pannu a ‘B-grade actress.’

Kangana Ranaut 1
Kangana Ranaut often made shocking revelations about the Bollywood industry.

Taapsee Pannu's response to Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut said the two B-listed actors (Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker) wanted to be in the good books of the ‘Bollywood movie mafia.’ And these actors didn’t dare to speak against Bollywood nepotism just like her. However, no matter how talented these actresses are, Kangana said they could never be successful like Alia Bhatt and Ananya Panday. Their cases are the vivid proof of nepotism.

Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee is confident she wasn't inferior just because of her disapproval of Kangana Ranaut.

Taapsee didn’t show a harsh reaction towards this claim but she took her necessary actions. In a recent interview, Taapsee Pannu said she didn’t want to be driven by negativity or hatred in the industry which gave her stardom and livelihood. She also said that she never took advantage of someone’s death to gain public attention.

This is considered a reference to Kangana Ranaut’s actions when this actress made use of every chance to talk about Bollywood nepotism after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Kangana Ranaut 2
It's the fact that Kangana often mentioned Sushant in her interviews recently.

Also, Taapsee Pannu affirmed that she didn’t feel or was made inferior just because she didn’t agree with Kangana’s approach.

The fact is Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram is having 5.8 million followers while Taapsee Pannu has gained up to 16.9 million fans on her Insta. Clearly, when referring Taapsee Pannu as a B-grade actor, Kangana Ranaut is defaming herself.

Searches for Kangana Ranaut increased hundred times recently

We only voice valid proof with verifiable statistics. Though we admit the so-called nepotism does exist in the Bollywood or any industry, we want to make sure people view it in a proper way, with exact numbers.

No one was sure the indirect cause of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death yet, till the final report of Mumbai police or involved people. However, we shouldn’t let his demise be taken advantage as a tool to polish one’s name.

Kangana Ranaut Search 1
The monthly volume for Kangana Ranaut-related searches within the last 12 months. Source: keywordtool

Kangana Ranaut is clearly getting benefits since the death of Sushant, for speaking against Bollywood nepotism and seemingly standing by the side of supposedly victims like SSR. However, as far as we know, she didn’t attend Sushant Singh Rajput’s funeral. Nor she get in touch with his family for a direct condolence conversation.

Before the incident, many people didn’t know who was Kangana Ranaut but searches for her name, her biography and her movies are increasing hundred times now.

Kangana Ranaut Search 2
The trend of searches for Kangana Ranaut movies or general info skyrocketed in the past month.

We put above the screenshots for common phrases sought after Kangana Ranaut name in the last 12 months from As can be seen, the search volume spiked in June and continues its upward pattern till date.

Kangana Ranaut Search 3
Roughly 400 people searched monthly for who is Kangana Ranaut since June.

Some final words Starbiz would want to share with our readers: Be conscious, be sober, we want justice back to Sushant but please don’t let him be made use of, even after his death.

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