Leaked Photos Of Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup Leave Her Fans Frozen!

Salena Harshini |May 15, 2020

People might be too familiar with the beautiful image of Rakul Preet Singh that we may forget she is also a human. She is also prone to acne and some health problems just like us. And here are some Rakul Preet Singh without makeup look!

Being admired for her sweet beauty, Rakul Preet Singh is worshiped as an angel among her die-hard fans. However, these Rakul Preet Singh without makeup looks will show you how human she is, with similar photo problems to all of us.

Rakul Preet Singh With Makeup 2
Like any other star, Rakul Preet looks stunning in her photoshoot.

When you take your own photos, everything looks sleek. But then, a tagged photo from friend leaks out, your whole world collapses!

That scenario also happens to Rakul Preet Singh - Top 50 most desired women, when she wears no makeup.

Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup 3
The glamour is gone when the makeup layer is removed. But these are still photos she took, check what fans see!

Rakul Preet Singh was born on 10 October in 1990, a Libra – the sign of beauty. She works mostly in the Tollywood and Kollywood industry but she is also a famous name even to Bollywood fans.

With her sweet beauty, Rakul Preet Singh is appointed as ambassador of many brands and projects in the country such as Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao programme.

Rakul Preet Singh With Makeup
Her eyes, smile and smooth fair skin can steal one's heart at first sight.

Rakul Preet Singh first joined the film industry in 2009 with a Kannada project named Gilli. Two years later, she won fifth place in Femina Miss India pageant, making her a household name to those in love with Indian beauty.

Rakul Preet Singh Sexy
Her smooth and glowing complexion is the dream of every Indian girl, but...

Till now, Rakul Preet Singh has marked her names in a variety of movies, namely Rough, Kick 2, Dhruva or Spyder.

Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup
The Tollywood heroin looks brownish in this pic, and her beauty is less remarkable even with slight makeup.

In recent years, Rakul Preet Singh is more active in Hindi cinema. She participated in 2 Hindi movies last year and is having a lot of Bollywood projects to finish in 2020-2021. Some of them are Attack (2020) and Thank God (2021).

Rakul Preet Singh De De Pyaar De
Rakul Preet's most famous project recently is De De Pyaar De.

Rakul Preet Singh won various awards in 2016-2017, such as Favorite Heroine of the Year 2017 from Zee Golden Awards and Fashion Icon (Female) from South Indian Fashion Awards.

Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup 5
In a fan's photo, her cheek looks chubby while her eyes show signs of age. Source: Tollyboost.

Being recognized for her stylish dressing, Rakul Preet Singh is always gorgeous in her fans’ eyes. However, these looks of Rakul Preet Singh without makeup may disappoint them, just a little bit.

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Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup 4
In fact, Rakul Preet is not addicted to heavy makeup style.
Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup 6
She loves leaving her face natural when doing workout.
Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup 2
She doesn't mind posting no-makeup look on social media, of course with some effects.
Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup
Her beauty from the very first days to the industry is undeniable.

If you see her like this in real life, with this Rakul Preet Singh without makeup look, would you ask for a photo with your idol? Or you want her always to look flawless in public?

Rakul Preet Looks
A stunning Rakul Preet or a normal woman, clearly she is both.

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