Nora Fatehi And Malaika Arora Embraces Their Timeless Beauty In Ephemeral Photoshoots

Hanima Anand |Oct 19, 2020

Though both beauties adopt similar mysterious photoshoot concept, each conveys a different nuance of charm and sexiness in their body-hugging gowns.

Art has no boundaries and creativity is endless. Last weekend, the two outstanding beauty icons of Bollywood, Nora Fatehi and Malaika Arora just had their new photoshoots with a similar concept. Both divas opt for a shimmering bodycon dress to highlight their curves with long wavy hair to flaunt girliness.

However, fans won’t be able to decide who rocks their shoot better with these similar concepts. Each actress clearly has their own weapon to stand out.

Nora Fatehi 1
Nora looks like a modern mermaid in this pose.

While Nora dyes her hair light purple to fit in with the white sparkling bodycon and her fair complexion, Malaika is loyal to her signature chocolate brown hairstyle. Nora Fatehi resembles a Goddess in fairy tales against the background of pastel and turquoise colour splash. In the meantime, Malaika looks so sweet but powerful with the sizzling pose against the rough wall.

Malaika Arora 1
Malaika goes for a brunette-themed photoshoot.

Compared to Malaika, Nora Fatehi is much younger. The actress and model was born in February 6, 1992 in Canada. She had her debut in the Bollywood movie Roar in 2014 and rose to fame when attending the Bigg Boss 9 in 2015.

Nora Fatehi 2
Fatehi has an advantage in this battle when it comes to age.

Since then, Nora Fatehi constantly ranks among the best dressed Bollywood actresses. Owning an hour-glass body with dreamy eyes, Nora can easily defeat any man within her proximity with just one look.

Nora Fatehi 3
Her sultry look can make men go weak within seconds.
Nora Fatehi 4
This photo of Nora Fatehi brought back over 2 million likes on her Instagram account.
Nora Fatehi 5
She is keen on playing with colours and light in her photoshoots.

Malaika Arora, however, will clock her 46th this October 23rd. She is 18 years older than Nora but her beauty in the recent photoshoot is no less remarkable.

Malaika Arora 2
Despite her age, the Bollywood diva looks stunning with a perfect figure.

Malaika shares many times that her curvaceous body is the result of regular practices, from gym training to yoga. The actress also stores a variety of beauty tricks to retain her youth.

Malaika Arora 3
Who could believe this mother already clocks her 46th this year?

Last week, Malaika Arora also revealed her secrets to avoid hair loss post Covid for those suffering. She used to test positive with her boyfriend Arjum Rampal but they both got over it now.

Malaika Arora 4
She is considered one of the timeless beauties in the industry.

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