Neha Dhupia Opened Up About Her Pregnant Secret

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 21, 2018

Fresh in the news, Neha Dhupia come into light about her pregnancy and reveals why she kept it secret for so long.

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia seem to keep a very high privacy of their personal life. Earlier, their wedding which held on May 10 was under wrapped in a secret ceremony. Later when rumors had been spreading around about Neha’s pregnancy, she still denied it.

However, on a beautiful day at the end of August, the couple surprised their fans by announcing they are blessed with a baby. And now they are expecting their first child arrives in a next few months. In an interview with Midday, Neha Dhupia finally spoke out the truth why she undisclosed of her situation for such a long time. And here is the full interview.

Neha Was Worried She Will Stop Getting Work
Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia wedding ceremony

Neha main concern is about her career would be affected by the big news

Give a piece of her mind, Neha Dhupia explained her main concern is about work. In more detail, she worried that her situation could give a pause to her career.

The mom-to-be had confided the big new could have a negative influence on her career development. Nevertheless, Neha said:


She Further Added..

Chose not to take a break during pregnancy time

In answer to the question, if Neha wanted to take a break, she retorts: "Luckily, my energy levels are high." It's not that I am not on the same side with women who determine to take a break during their pregnancy. However, It's my freedom of choice.

Neha On How She Sees Angad As A Father

Angad Bedi is the best dad

Moreover, the gorgeous actress proudly spoke from the bottom of the heart when asked about her hubby.


Just Like Neha, Angad Has Been Always All Praises For Neha

Angad Has Been Always Proud of his wife

Formerly in an interaction with media, Angad could not hide sparkle in his eyes when talking about Neha.


Furthermore, she has kept her relationship with people intact. It's easier said than done but to be a liked person by all is not easy. And Neha does it without effort.

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia title now may change, but let's wish them to continue their life better and brighter with a new baby.


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