Neha Dhupia Photos From Childhood To Grown-Up Show Charisma of Top 10 Miss Universe Finalist

Hanima Anand |Sep 20, 2020

Neha Dhupia won Femina Miss India in 2002 and continued to rank top 10 Miss Universe of the same year. The model and actress soon expressed her confident charisma at a very young age. Check these Neha Dhupia childhood pics!

Neha Dhupia might not be the first Indian beauty in one’s mind when mentioning Miss Universe title but she is among the most versatile gems we have ever had. More importantly, the charm of this Miss India is present always, even in Neha Dhupia childhood pics or current photos.

Neha Dhupia In Yellow Dress
Despite her middle age, Neha Dhupia is still a statute of beauty in India.

While enjoying the timeless beauty of Neha Dhupia Miss Universe 2002 top 10 finalists, let’s learn some facts about this talented celebrity.

Neha Dhupia was born on August 21, 1980 so Neha Dhupia age in 2020 is 40 years old. Neha Dhupia family resided in Cochin (now is Kochi) and they are a Sikh family. Take a look at how adorable she was in Neha Dhupia childhood pics below!

Neha Dhupia Childhood Pics 1
Dhupia was born and raised in a Sikh family.

Neha Dhupia father is Commander Pradip Singh Dhupia who served in the Indian Navy force while her mother Babli Dhupia is a housewife.

Neha studied in Naval Public School in Cochin before moving to a school in New Delhi for navy children. She then finished her education at Jesus and Mary College in History major.

Neha Dhupia Childhood Pics 2
Her father works in Indian Navy, so she attended schools for navy children.

While many people search for Neha Dhupia sister, the actress has no sister. Neha Dhupia brother Hardeep Dhupia is not working in the entertainment industry but for Jet Airways. That's why her brother is not seen in any Neha Dhupia childhood pics that were revealed to the public.

Neha Dhupia Childhood Pics 3
Could you spot the child Neha Dhupia in this Minnaram cast in 1994?

Talking about Neha Dhupia movies and shows, the actress joint the entertainment industry at a very young age. She had her first movie role as a child artist in 1994 in the Malayalam romantic comedy Minnaram. However, after that, she didn’t participate in any film to complete her study first.

If you wonder who is Neha Dhupia in her childhood photo with Minnaram cast above, she is the most right girl in the yellow dress.

Neha Dhupia Miss Universe 1
Neha Dhupia representing India on the stage of Miss Universe 2002.

Putting aside those Neha Dhupia childhood pics, let's talk about her journey in the film industry. The year 2000 marks Neha Dhupia’s debut in a Japanese movie named Ninja Odoru! Ninja Densetsu. The film didn’t gain much public attention though.

Neha Dhupia Miss Universe 2
After being named top 10 finalists of Miss Universe 2002, Neha was offered more roles.

It was not until 2003 that Neha Dhupia movies and shows hit the first success when she was nominated Filmfare Awards for Best Debut Actress in the Bollywood industry with the movie Qayamat: City Under Threat. In fact, she had a role in the Telugu film Ninne Istapaddanu in the same year but not significant.

Neha Dhupia Young Photos 1
Neha Dhupia looked youthful in her first days in Bollywood.

From that turning point onwards, Neha Dhupia Miss Universe is the frequent name in a number of Telugu and Bollywood movies, namely Villain (2003), Rakht (2004), Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005) or Utthaan (2006), etc.

Neha Dhupia Young Photos 2
The versatile actress working as a model, looked totally different from Neha Dhupia childhood pics.

Some recent movies featuring Neha Dhupia include Hindi Medium (2017), Lust Stories (2018) or Devi (2019). Many of her projects have managed to gain impressive box office collections.

On television, you can hear the name of Neha Dhupia Miss Universe 2002 finalist in a number of shows and series from 2000 to 2018, such as Rajdhani, Comedy Circus, MTV Roadies or BFFs with Vogue.

Neha Dhupia Hot Photos 1
If Neha Dhupia childhood pics show an adorable girl, we see a sizzling woman in her mature photos.

During two decades working in different film industries, Neha Dhupia has achieved a series of titles and nominations for her performance. The first cinematic award she won was Best Female Debut by Screen Awards in 2004 for the role in Qayamat: City Under Threat. After countless nominations for Best Actress from different committees, Neha Dhupia won two Best Supporting Actress awards in 2018 for the movie Tumhari Sulu by Suresh Trivani.

Neha Dhupia Hot Photos 2
The actress and model owns a flawless body before pregnancy.

Especially, also in 2018, the finalist in Miss Universe 2002 was awarded Breaking Societal Stereotypes by Sony Pictures India thanks to her meaningful social activities. To be specific, Neha Dhupia has run Mumbai Marathon annual event to raise funds for Concern India Foundation. She also supported the finance of 2011 Sikkim earthquake victims. However, she was mostly known for being among the first Indian celebrities to get pregnant before marriage. This phenomenon has somehow reduced pressure and social taboos towards Indian women in modern society.

Neha Dhupia Post Pregnancy
Dhupia used to suffer from weight control issues post-pregnancy.

Having said that, Neha was brutally trolled for her fake feminism in the reality show MTV Roadies, causing heated controversies around her statements. In the show, a male contestant admitted he had slapped his ex-girlfriend for cheating. Dhupia immediately threw abuses at the man, saying his girlfriend cheated because it’s her choice. Men were not allowed to slap girls but girls could slap her boyfriends instead, according to Dhupia.

The actress seems to not care much about the controversy and online trolling though.

Neha Dhupia 2020
Neha Dhupia in her latest photoshoot, doning a printed maxi dress.

Neha Dhupia is enjoying her married life with actor Angad Bedi. Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi used to be best friends before getting married in May, 2018. Before that, Dhupia was linked to the Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and the American dentist James Sylvester whom she dated for 3 years.

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia welcomed their first child Mehr Dhupia Bedi in November 2018.

Neha Dhupia daughter with Angad Bedi.
Do you think Mehr resembles her mother in Neha Dhupia's childhood pics?

Above are unseen Neha Dhupia childhood pics as well as hot photos throughout her career stages. Though Neha might not be as popular as other Bollywood beauty queens turned actresses, she has a huge fan base who wholeheartedly supports the actor despite recent controversies. And most importantly, Neha Dhupia Miss Universe is no longer important to her but the title of a mother makes her life more meaningful now.

Starbiz wishes all the best to Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi family!

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