'Come On, It Would Be Nice', Jatin Das Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 17, 2018

The #MeToo movement is coming hard at all the wrongdoers and now Nandita Das' father Jatin Das has been accused of sexual harassment by Nisha Bora on Twitter. Nisha naratted her horrific experience...

The viral #metoo movement which has been spreading around the world now came to Bollywood and has led to the downfall of many Bollywood biggies. In the most recent, Nisha Bora has come forward to reveal her stories. In her statement, she accused the famous painter, Jatin Das of sexual harassment, the story which has been concealed for more than 14 years.

According to Nisha, Jatin Das and her arranged for a meeting to discuss their project, but the man forcibly harrassed her. Despite Nisha attempted to resist, he still continued his misconduct, saying “Come on, it would be nice”.

He Tried To Grab Me, Says Nisha Bora!

Jatin Das grabbed me out of the blue

Recalling horrific memory, she recounted Jatin suddenly attacked her and grabbed her by force. Nisha then was frightened and made her best effort to pushed him away and got out of his arms. But that was not the worst part of the story, the famous artist even whispered: “Come on, it would be nice”. At that awful moment, Nisha Bora grabbed her bad and ran all the way to her home.

Additionally, she confessed she cover up the truth for many years since the incident happened.

Nandita Das Called Me 2 Days Later Regarding Work!

Nandita Das dialled me two days after the incident

“Nandita (Jatin Das’s daughter) called me then introduced herself. She said she was given my number and continue to discuss the going on project... Until today, the brazenness of Jatin Das still make me breathless”.

In her story, Nisha Bora could not hide her admiration for Nandita Das and the incident happened just like a torment to her.

Jatin Das Denies All The Allegations!

Jatin Das drops all the charges

After Nisha Bora come out in open to talk about the 14 years ago accident, Jatin Das denied all the charges, saying he was shocked by the unproven allegation.

Furthermore, contradict to Nisha’s claim, he said he never met or even know the person who accused him. He also firmly claimed that he never have done such behaviour in his entire life.

“Some people are making allegations for the fun of it”, Jatin Das further stated.

Her Allegations Against Me Are So Cheap!


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