Tamil Actress Rekha Recounts Her Unplanned Kiss Scene With Kamal Haasan

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 29, 2020

After the kissing scene, the film received a huge response from the audience. Actress Rekha was just 16 year old when she was allegedly tricked into doing a kissing scene.

It seems, that MeToo movement is yet to hit Indian film industry again with recent allegations from Tamil actress Rekha against the filmmakers of film Punnagai Mannan (1986). The starred actress Rekha and Kamal Haasan which became a super hit. The actress alleged that there was an unplanned kiss scene in the film. This has led to a fresh controversy surrounding actor Kamal Haasan. The 1986 film was directed by K Balachander.

Tamil film actress Rekha alleged that she was tricked to do a kissing scene with actor Kamal Haasan.

Recently, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of sex crimes by a jury in New York. He has been convicted of rape afte allegations were made against him during the MeToo movement. A video clip went viral in which Kamal Haasan and Rekha are seen kissing each other in the film Punnagai Mannan. Both actors played lovers and before jumping in the waterfall were told to kiss each other. Shockingly,the actress was just 16 year old.

Reacting to the entire controversy, the actress said that film director Balachander tricked her into doing the scene. The kiss scene had done wonders for the film and everybody forgot about the incident. No one questioned each other and things moved on. But when the actress saw the film in theatres she realized that a kiss scene had such a huge impact and felt bad about it. During the shoot, the director asked Kamal Haasan and Rekha to close eyes and kiss each other. The actress also questioned the directors that she was not informed about the kiss scene but she was told to imagine that she was kissed as a child by a king.

However, she also said that neither the director nor Kamal Haasan apologized for the scene. She never questioned because the film was a hit and she recieved several film offers after that with actor Ramarajan and Ilaiyaraaja. She also never demanded an apology from the duo. But netizens are now trolling Kamal Haasan and are demanding an apology from the actor.


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