Mexican Singer Armando Vega Gil Commits Suicide After Sexual Harashment Accusation

Mina Muzumdar |Apr 02, 2019

"My death is a declaration of my innocence", Armando Vega Gil wrote on his farewell letter.

Yesterday, the Mexican entertainment industry was left shaken when rockstar Armando Vega Gil found death at home. The 64-year-old singer was the main vocal of famous rock band Botellita de Jerez. The singer posted a suicide letter on his social media, stated that he was falsely alleged of mistreatment and sexual abuse of children.

Earlier, an anonymous woman accused Armando Vega Gil of misconduct with her at the age of 13 via hashtag #MeTooMusicosMexicanos.


Nevertheless, his death is once again questioned the reach and aims of the #Metoo movement which is spreading all around the world. In the last few words he left for the audience in the suicide letter, the letter read:


His rockband’s representative, Paola Hernandez, in an interview with media after his sudden death expressed her great shock, saying: “He was really sad and pissed off, he didn’t know how to clear his name. He said he wasn’t guilty ... he was worried about how his son would take all this.”


Armando Vega Gil’s death has put the #Metoo movement in the country under fire. Some said that he shouldn’t kill himself but prove his innocence.  Another claimed that his death couldn’t change anything as the court of public opinion found him guilty and ruined his reputation.


Botellita de Jerez's fans are now mourning his death on social media.


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