'Women Taking On Incredible Personal Risk And Trauma To Tell Metoo Story', says Sonam Kapoor

Priyansh Ha |Nov 14, 2018

In the rising of #Metoo waves which is sweeping over Bollywood attract attentions from both male and female celebrities including Sonam Kapoor

In the rising of #Metoo waves which is sweeping over Bollywood, there are many powerful people whose name have been called out as sexual predators. The hottest issue attracts attention from both male and female celebrities including Sonam Kapoor.

The Veere Di Wedding actress lately has just shared her sincere thought about how we should react to the movement. She mentions #Metoo as and “devastating and eye-opening” movement which encourages people to take actions and to withdraw a long-misplaced right. This matter seems to be complex but she believes that it could be solved in a simple way.

Being Raised In A Non-discriminatory Family

Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor’s eldest child, feels lucky that she didn’t grow up in a family in which gender discrimination exists. Her safety net, as well as the spotlight, have been empowering her to stand up for what is right.

With her influences, the actress has a chance to spread out her suggestions which help everyone to join the challenge. According to Sonam, the survivor should receive trust and respect from other as they might take the risk of speaking up.

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Mothers Should Stop Treating Their Sons Like Gifts From Heaven

Sonam also feels that a mental reboot is necessary for everyone. The difference in the way people treat their son and daughter should be shifted.

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Being Silent Means You Choose The Side Of Guiltiness

She suggests people calling out those who are misbehaved as being quiet is not a way to protecting someone. Covering up their sins means you choose to be on their side, the side of guiltiness. Therefore, you should decide which side should you belong to. 

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It’s Time For Sexist Jokes To Stop

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“Labelling” Can Kill Someone’s Life

Sonam takes an example of her friend to prove how “labelling” can affect people’s decision. One of her friends didn't dare to tell her own story as she was afraid of being labelled. ‘I’ll be labelled a survivor or a victim till the rest of my life,’ she told me,” said Sonam.

She also affirms that including a sexy song “item number” is a sign of “sexual propaganda”. The actress feels that empowering and hiring more women is the most effective solution to tackle the issue. 

Her last point mentions #Metoo as a movement about victims and perpetrators. Its goal is to change society and our minds in a less misogynist way. “It’s time for the offender to step into the defenders' side, to take part in the movement in full force and protest every act of discrimination and abuse.”


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