A Sneak Peek Into 12 Posh Vanity Van Of Bollywood Stars: From SRK To Alia Bhatt

Salena Harshini |Jul 08, 2020

These swanky vanity vans of your favorite Bollywood stars will make your jaw drop with its poshness.

Celebrities are known to have a lavish lifestyle and the vanity van of Bollywood stars is the testimony to this fact. Most of the famous characters in the B-town have a vanity van that offers them the utmost comfort on their work schedules.

Take a look at the most luxurious Bollywood vanity van here!

If you are wondering what is vanity van meaning, it is the kind of large vehicle with all the luxurious items inside, helping as a place for the stars to rest while traveling to the shooting locations. Take a look at the most luxurious Bollywood vanity van here:

Shahrukh Khan Vanity Van

The King of Romance has been associated with Hyundai since forever as well as the Xcent and Santro. Therefore, his car collection is totally enviable to many. His passion for car also stretches to an opulent van which is a Volvo BR9, Dilip Chabaria-modified (DC).

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 1
The design is modified by famous designer Dilip Chhabria

Vanity van of Shah Rukh Khan has fine touched such as Apple TV, a kitchenette, Tron movie-inspired ambient light, a high-quality music system along with multiple 4K displays.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 2
Vanity van of Shah Rukh Khan is absolutely deluxe!

Salman Khan Vanity Van

Salman Khan’s is another Bollywood vanity van that is DC modified. Although the outside of the van seems futuristic, its interiors are as luxurious as they are kitted out with opulent materials like wood vinyl and high-end leather.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 3
Salman Khan's van will also make you envious

The interiors of Salman Khan’s vanity van are split into a number of compartments, one of which has electric recliners and LED screens for the actor to relax. Multiple posters of the man himself are also present in this van.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 4

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 5
The vanity van of Salman Khan is extremely extravagant

Hrithik Roshan Vanity Van

The gorgeous actor has been leaving strong impressions on fans with smooth dance moves and powerful acting skills ever since his debut movie in 2000. His massive and luxurious 12-meter long vanity van has a lounge with four captain seats, a big TV, and a Jacuzzi.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 6
Hrithik Roshan's is also among the top posh vanity van of Bollywood stars
vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 7
It has a flashy interior

Deepika Padukone Vanity Van

The vanity van of Deepika Padukone is customized by Vinita Chaitanya, an interior designer from Bangalore. Her van has three areas including a private space with her personal assets, a staff zone with only a washroom and pantry, and a bijou sitting area.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 8
There are not many photos of the vanity van of Deepika Padukone

She also has a separate shower and loo area. Meanwhile, a decent space is used for her makeup and accessories.

Ranbir Kapoor Vanity Van

The van of the Bollywood heartthrob can reflect his carefree, dynamic, and young persona. The interiors are adorned in bright hues and consist of a makeup room, a bedroom and a great music system.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 9

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 10
Ranbir Kapoor in his vanity van

Akshay Kumar Vanity Van

The coach of Akshay Kumar doesn’t offer an extravagant music system or big screens. It seems to be a more unwinding with a large bed, an electric recliner and a small makeup room.

The vanity van of Akshay Kumar is not the most lavish vanity van of Bollywood stars, but it says a lot about his humble nature.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 11
A rare photo of the vanity van of Akshay Kumar
vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 12
Akshay Kumar seems to value comfort more than luxury

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Sonam Kapoor

Talking about vanity van of Bollywood stars, we can’t miss that of Sonam Kapoor. Her coach is the reflection of her style-conscious and modern persona.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 13
Sonam Kapoor vanity van

Her van has a mini-makeup space, a bedroom, a massive seating space, and is adorned with a lot of high-end gadgets and rich furnishings.

Varun Dhawan Vanity Van

Varun’s van is said to be a smaller version of his house. It comes with lavish fittings, modern gadgets, bringing about a sturdy style statement via the envy-provoking design.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 14
One can't figure out this is a van if only looking at the pic

Sanjay Dutt Vanity Van

Sanjay Dutt is among the most expensive vanity van of Bollywood stars. It costs him about Rs 3.5 crores.

Also creation of DC, Sanjay Dutt’s van looks extremely luxurious with deluxe fittings, lots of leather, and neon lighting. Other features of this can is an electrically controlled captain seat, natty music system, a mini bar, and a large-screen TV.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 15
Sanjay Dutt also owns an enviable vanity van of Bollywood stars

Alia Bhatt Vanity Van

The vanity van of the actress really suits her personality. He coach looks and feels like a personal pad of a single person with graffiti everywhere.

This vanity van of Bollywood stars also has a makeup room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 16
The plushest Bollywood actress vanity van comes to Alia Bhatt's

Ajay Devgn Vanity Van

Ajay Devgn is famous for his acting in action movies as well as his listing of luxurious cars. His vanity van can be said to be the top vanity van of Bollywood stars.

His car looks stunning with an exterior that can mingle well with the Star Wars and Star Trek concept. The vanity van interior is also deluxe with many creature comforts and large TVS. The van has quite many sections for each purpose of usage like a bathroom, a kitchenette, a bedroom, and an office space.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 17
Ajay Devgn has the most unique van in the town

Vivek Oberoi Vanity Van

Despite not being discussed often about his movies, Vivek Oberoi surely has a coach that is considered a hot vanity van of Bollywood stars. The actor reportedly spent Rs 2.5 crores on it.

vanity-van-of-bollywood-stars 18
Vivek vanity van price is among the highest in the industry

It has a sense of hotness and strength with a silver and red base. Designer Dilip Chhabria said that Vivek wanted a macho look on his vanity van. Well, looking at the photos we think that he definitely got it.

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