Teacher Was Mistaken For Ravi Pujari’s Wife & Her 30-hour Ordeal With Police

Hanima Anand |Feb 24, 2020

Today, the underworld don Ravi Pujari will be brought to India from Africa. His wife and son had already fled India while a teacher was mistakenly detained by police in the airport. Read details below!

According to reliable sources, Ravi Pujari has been using fake documents identified as Antony Fernandes to reside in West African. He is even involved in major drug trafficking and extortion racket in South Africa.

Ravi Pujari Fake Identity
The fake identity Ravi Pujari has used while living in Africa

Before being arrested, Ravi Pujari is wanted in various serious criminal cases such as kidnapping, murder, extortion or making threat calls to Bollywood stars. However, attempts to arrest him do not bring results after nearly 2 decades. Just last week, the don was arrested in Africa and is reportedly brought back to India today.

Ravi Pujari
Latest photo of Ravi Pujari - the Indian underworld don

Ravi Pujari’s wife is Padma Pujari. The couple have 3 children, all of them had fled India years ago. His son recently got married in Australia where he holds a passport.

Back to the story of teacher Shridevi Poojari, in 2014, she was detained by police at Mumbai international airport because they doubted her as Padma Pujari.

She was going with her husband, her daughter and her son at that time when Shridevi Poojari was stopped by the immigration officials. During 30 hours later, she was interrogated by 3 different police and treated like a high-profile criminal.

Shridevi was even taken to court before the authorities realized their mistake.

Shridevi Poojari
Shridevi Poojari - the teacher mistaken for Ravi Pujari's wife

The professional teacher narrated, when she and her son were doing immigration checks, they were asked to step aside and then kept in an isolated area. No one told her what happened; only a phone number of Mangalore police. She heard that an LOC (Look Out Circular) has been issued on her name and her son’s.

When she was taken to another room for interrogation, a lot of policemen came in, with guns ready in their hands. The entire family was scared as this was the first time they were detained by police.

Policemen asked a lot about her name and whether she knew Ravi Pujari or not. Though she insisted she had no idea or any connection to that person, policemen didn’t let her go, until the Mangalore police verified her identity.

News On Mistaken Ravi Pujari Wife
Extract from an article published when Poojari was detained by police

On the next day, she was transported to the court in a van filled with criminals, supervised by gun-trotting police officers. When she got off the van, she had to hide and cover her face like criminals as the media were hounding around.

With that one-off encounter in life, Shridevi is planning to write a book narrating her experience of being mistaken as Ravi Pujari’s wife. Shridevi’s photo is now still flooding the Internet whenever people search for this gangster’s wife.

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