Bollywood Feels Relieved After Extradition Of Gangster Ravi Pujari

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 26, 2020

Several Indian celebrities and businessmen have received extortion calls from gangster Ravi Pujari. It's such a relief that finally this underworld don was arrested!

In what could be a major relief to Bollywood celebrities, politicians and businessman, Gangster Ravi Pujari has been finally extradited to India from Senegal. The Karnataka police took custody of Ravi Pujari and are investigating cases against him for extortion, murder and ransom. He has over 101 cases registered against him in Karnataka. The Mumbai police will also take custody of the gangster to extract information about his henchmen operating in the state.

Ravi Pujari Fake Identity
Gangster Ravi Pujari faked his identity and was extradited from Senegal to India.

Gangster Ravi Pujari was affiliated to Chhota Rajan but after his arrest, he changed his identity and was living a low life in a small village in South Africa. He stole the identity as Anthony Fernandes, a Burkina Faso passport holder and ran his extortion racket after the arrest of Rajan in Bali, Indonesia. The modus operandi of Ravi Pujari was to call celebrities and politicians and threaten them with dire consequences if they failed to pay money. Several hoteliers in India were threatened by the gangster by sending his henchmen with guns.

A senior Mumbai police officer said,

"We will be seeking his custody for investigations. We have several cases registered against him in various police stations across the state. His extradition will also lead us to other gangsters involved in extortion and serious crimes. He has been on the run since past two decades and his extradition is one of the major achievement. We will seek the custody from court after investigations of Karnataka police is completed."

Few celebrities like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have received threats from gangster Ravi Pujari. Few months back, singer Arijit Singh received threat and he was told to pay up five crore rupees if he cared for life. The police agencies soon launched the investigations and registered case against Pujari. His arrest could give a huge relief to businessman.

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