Malaika Arora: "Everybody Should Be Given A Second Chance In Love"

Salena Harshini |Jul 29, 2019

Malaika Arora lately opened up about having the second chance in love, saying that people should look at it with an open mind.

Malaika Arora recently shared her viewpoint that everyone deserves a second chance to love and people should keep an open mind dealing with it. The actress kept her romance with younger beaut Arjun Kapoor under the headlights for a while before actually opening up and publicly showing their affection. The couple openly took their moments to the Internet and leaving sentimental comments on one another’s posts.

Malaika Arjun

For a woman in India, it is still a restricted social custom to take the second step in love is still a taboo, as Malaika added.

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The 45-year-old dancing star was earlier wife and husband with Arbaaz Khan. They have with each other a son who is now 16 years old, named Arhaan. Malaika said,

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Malaika Arora Khan At India Got Talent 3

As a celebrity, does the actress ever feel irritated when her private life is hardly ever off the netizens’ table? On this problem, she shared,

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Frequently present on the Internet, Malaika has 9.3 million followers on Instagram. Famous as she is, she still has to cope with cyberbullying with her age gap and romance with Arjun, or even her fashion style being teased.

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According to Malaika Arora, things like that cannot de-motivate her. She detailed,

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Malaika started off as a VJ. Before becoming well-known as a dancing sensation, she hosted quite a lot of shows, namely Club MTV, Style Check, and Love Line. Her hit tracks included Chaiyya chaiyya, Maahi ve, Gur naal ishq mitha, Munni badnaam hui, and Kaal dhamaal.

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Chaiyya Chaiyya was the hit that earned her reputation overnight. She was called the Chhaiyya Chaiyya Girl of Bollywood thanks to that. She said,

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