Look At These Bollywood Celebrities Throwback Pictures To See Their Growth

Nalini Suri |Jul 31, 2019

Much love has been spent on these following Bollywood celebrities but let’s reveal how they have grown up through some of their throwback pictures.

With each passing day in B-town, the stars have fulfilled the top headline by their career or personal lives, even through some throwback pictures. Some sides to add more peace and purity to everyone, these favorite starlets will bring a smile to your face by their photos since they were small.

Bollywood Celebrities Throwback Pictures

To sign ridiculous fame from Sara Ali Khan to Ananya Panday, pay your view to their throwback pictures below to reveal their growth. Take a tour now!

Sara Ali Khan

The much-expected Bollywood rising star has passed a long ride of professional life from a girl who was shy in front of the camera. Starting at the image of a lovely nerdy child, Sara has been on her way to reach the diva fame in B-town by showing her grace and charm which holds her fans’ spellbound.

sara ali khan childhood pics

Her grown-up process has gone through some blockbusters including Simmba and Kerdarnath to switch off her baby image and turn on the diva mode with confident strides.

Ibrahim Ali Khan

Ibrahim Ali Khan childhood pics

Sara Ali Khan’s brother has grown up to catch the young ladies’ eyes with his perfect look. Having been in pursuit of overseas study, Ibrahim attracted the girls from his kiddy throwback pictures to his body-show-off snaps.

Aryan Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan has ruled many girls’ hearts for a long time since his awesome photos in his father’s arms. Though he hasn’t made any link-ups to Bollywood film industry, his photos went viral on social media as he looks like his father.

Aryan Khan childhood pics

After his come back on the screen alongside his father to lend their voice for featuring characters Simba and Mufasa, Aryan one more time stole his fans’ hearts and pushed up their desire of more than that.

Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan childhood pics

The cutie always cuddled her father Shah Rukh Khan in the past and the beautiful talent now makes us love her more. Even though not yet debuted in any big films, the star kid has collected herself a number of fans. Playing in many school skits, Suhana's fans couldn't wait any longer.

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor childhood pics

In recent time, Janhvi has made her name on various articles as she has gradually become a starlet after her debut in Dhadak. While almost other little stars have packed around 3 films, Janhvi had her schedule full of releasing relatively over 5 films.

Ananya Panday

ananya pandey childhood pics

Before her first appearance in the entertainment industry with Student of the Year 2, the new kid gave an image of the innocent and lovely girl behind the glory. From spreading lovable throwback pictures to overseas vacationing photos, Ananya continues to command a huge fanbase and reach the best of stardom.


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