Krystle D’souza Mocks Her Ex Karan Tacker: He Said He Cannot Live Without Me But Is He Still Living?

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 22, 2020

In the latest one captured “Ex files”, she said that ex couldn’t live without her but is still living and burst out laughing at the end of the video. Is she talking about Karan Tacker?

Krystle D’souza has become well known among Indian Showbiz after taking part in multiple successful television shows. Lately, the television actress has hit the headlines for a video she made about her relationship with former co-star Karan Tacker.

Krystle Dsouza Ex Karan Tacker 2
Krystle D'souza and Karan Tacker

Ever since the couple published their love affair rooted in Star Plus show, they had always attracted great media coverage. Back then, everything seemed to be so everlasting that fans were dying to wait for their happy ending. Unfortunately, the celeb couple parted for allegedly having an intense fight. There are a lot of rumors going around this breakup but the truth remains known only to the duo.

Having a lot of free time staying at home due to the coronavirus lockdown, Krystle has entertained fans with several funny videos on social media. In the latest one captured “Ex files”, she said that ex couldn’t live without her but is still living. She burst out laughing at the end of the video. You can take a look at the video here:

In response to the question about his ex Krystle, Karan Tacker stated that they were no longer in contact. The actor said in the latest interview "No, we are not in touch with each other.” Despite avoiding giving more details about the breakup, Karan cleared out that personal differences never were the reason.
The rumor about the couple’s breakup started in 2018 after they unfollowed each other on social networks.

Krystle Dsouza Ex Karan Tacker
Earlier, Karan Tacker revealed that he was no longer get in touch with his ex

In addition to his former relationship, Karan said that exes should appear as best friends since the two sides had shared mutual understanding for a long time. Although things didn’t end up well, Karan always tried to stay in touch with every ex that he was able to. It’s obvious that Karan holds his former girlfriends in considerable respect.

Karan Tacker first became popular to television audiences after taking the lead role in his debut STAR One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi. It was his next television show Star Plus that he got to work with Krystle. Karan Tacker also took part in other TV shows, including some famous ones like Ekta Kapoor's Kahe Naa Kahe and Kya Dill Mein Hai.


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